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Michael Ross (Aust, Qld)
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Default No Idols (Sound familiar?)

> And even the founder of Buddhism - Gautam
> Buddha was the son of a king.

My personal preference is to call him Siddhartha. But whatever floats your boat.

Some things I find interesting about Buddhism are

The "no worshiping idols" thing. And then we see loads of Buddha statues all over the place.

The assassins sent to kill Siddhartha (Buddha) only to end up converting to Buddhism instead.

And - no-one has been killed in the name of Buddhism.

Also, people who don't follow the Buddhism path don't walk around calling themselve's Buddhists. (Unlike some Christians for example only - priests for instance - who do the most UNChristian things while still calling themselves Christian.)

Is-lam is also an interesting religion, when you bother taking the time to look into it instead of buying the media hype.

Judaism... and they even argue amongst themselves about the nature of God. (Imagine the hierarchy of the Christian churches not agreeing on the nature of God ;o) Yet the Jews are prepared to discuss it.)

And, of course, let's not forget the religion of Jedi. Which, I believe, 300,000 Britons claimed to be in the last UK census.

Michael Ross