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Richard Vaughan
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A very good reply indeed.

I think the point I'm trying to make and as we all probably know or can guess, is that the Internet is in it's infancy and with the growth that is needed and wanted, there will come change.

As with the telephone, who would have guessed you could identify a callers number, speak to several different people on the same line and listen to a recorded message for 60 minutes while trying to speak to a human!

And yet we have all that today, but how long did it take? Did it take the telephone 50 years, 80 years? I donít even know when it became a viable medium.

Will it take 50 years before people in the same numbers as telephone users accept the Internet into their lives on a daily basis? If people are turning off the Internet and I believe that to be true, then what will turn them back on?

Better organisation? Eventual clearer benefits? But how can this all happen when everyone who is online, has a hand in how it works to a much more extent than any other medium.

The Internet is great, maybe thatís because I make money using it and maybe itís great too for lonely people and yes it is the cheapest form of communication, but I think it offers the promise of things that will either take many, many years to achieve or may not ever eventuate due to the mediumís shear size and the fact that we all have such a hand in itís evolution.


PS Glad you liked my thread starting;>)

PPS Also, because of itís popularity and speed of growth, many have perceived it to be some kind of replacement for other mediums, but maybe it will only ever be an alternative to other mediums and at worst a frustrating annoying roller coaster ride that delivers few benefits for others.

Finally, I'm not trying to down play the Internet's significant contribution to mankind, but sometimes I can see why many feel it';s incredibly overrated.