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Richard Vaughan
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Default Method in my Sloppiness


Thanks for the interesting comments..especially this one...
In posting, we all include a link or we try to include a link to our websites. As an example here, try the link left in Richard's post and ask yourself, "Is the Internet failing us or are we shooting ourselves in the foot by not paying attention?"
Q: Is this a significant point?
A: Only if you are wanting to succeed.
It makes no difference that you might be making a lot of sense with what you say, if you send your potential viewer to a dead link or a mistyped link the Internet did not fail... YOU did.
It all boils down to basic credibility.


Would you believe I made the link dead on purpose? I'm putting together a sales piece and out of curiosity I wanted to see if anything would happen if I left it dead.

Sure enough I've had a few emails about it, so I know that the header I'm working on is at the very least....intriguing.


PS Oh no I just had a thought....maybe when it's live, no one will click through because they'll presume it's dead!! humans are way to inquisitive for that;>)