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Default Skunk Smell, Moldy Cheese, Vomit Flavor JELLY Beans

Thanks Phil,


I just watched an episode of "Dirty Jobs" where the host - Mike Rowe -
visited a 100 year old factory.

He tried and had to spit into a bucket - all of the above Flavors.

SEEMS millions of people order the NEW Line of Jelly Belly Flavors
as practical jokes.

So I KNOW you have a profitable idea there.

To Apply it to food all we do is find a niche.

Bread Machine Recipes is a good niche.


I've never seen a VOMIT BREAD RECIPE.

So the field is wide open for us!

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - My Own Niche where I'm an EXPERT - due to 15 years cooking desert
for my 2 younger brothers - is MUFFIN RECIPES.

How GOOD are they?

When I email or fax one of my SPECIAL - Muffin Recipes to a Receptionist
or secretary - 50% of them CALL OR EMAIL me back to say...


I'll have to Adjust
my recipes a bit to create a GAG cookbook..
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