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Don Alm
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Darren.....rather than create a Video FSBO FSBO either by email or phone and tell them,

...."I have a Video Marketing business and a Video can help sell your home faster. I've made a video of your Home you're trying to NO Obligation! If you'd like to see it.....let me know and I'll send you the Link!"

THEN......if they express interest in seeing the Video.....make the Video and send them the link.....or upload to YT and Rank Video for their ADDRESS.

Or.... you could ask them to "Go take a look at a video you've done for another Homeowner trying to sell their home without a realtor!

My "students" now get $795 minimum. One gal adds on $150 to keep the Video on the First Page for the next 3 months.....$945....and she does one a week.

Don Alm
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