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Old May 25, 2015, 07:29 PM
Don Alm
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Default WoW! Money-Makin'- Ideas are All around

We just got home from our wonderful M-Day BBQ and.....I HAD to sit down at my Laptop and report what happened TODAY.....May 25, 2015.

BackGround: I LOVE helping "Single Moms" earn money. So....2 wks ago a single mom approached me in our church parking lot and told me her husband and father of her 3 kids had left her and moved to another State and.....she "heard" that I.....was a guy with Many Ideas for earning money.

She told me that she had a job at a local Bank as a secretary BUT her salary was not enough to support her and her 3 kids and.....could I come up with some ideas for her to earn some "Side" income?

Well.....I went home and went thru my "Stuff" and I found a project I had done with some banks many years ago. (See Photo Below)

Here's how I came up with THIS one; I was in my bank lobby one day and happened to sit down and as I was putting together my papers and stuff I happened to overhear a conversation between the "New Accounts" clerk and a "New Business Owner" who had started a biz and had asked the clerk if the Bank was doing any "Promotion" for New Business Owners.

She replied that she didn't know of any and......this caused me to get one of my HOT FLASHES!

I had just finished putting up one of my "Ad Boards" in the lobby of the local Fitness Center and I thought.....Holy Camoly....why not put an "Ad Board" on the wall of the Bank Lobby.....just before people enter the Bank?

So.....I went home and made a wood Frame and placed some Ads from the Fitness Center Ad Board....into my new Frame and.....called it "PICTURES OF SUCCESS"!....with a subtitle...."Local Business and Professional Leaders".
I brought my frame to the Bank and asked the VP if they would allow me to mount my Ad Board on their lobby wall WITH ONLY Ads of THEIR CUSTOMERS! NO charge to the Bank.

Anyways.....he took my Board into the Pres' office and came back and said, "It's ALL yours! Go for it!"

I thanked him and told him I'd show him what the Board looked like B4 I mounted it.

I then proceeded to get 24 local biz owners to pay me for a spot on my Ad Board.....AND.....I got 3 more Banks to allow me to mount my Ad Board in THEIR Lobbyies also. forward to my single mom: I made up a Mock-Up Sample and told her to show it to the person in charge of this at her Bank...and, she could also go to other Banks to get their permission too.

Anyways.....I advised her along the way and.....last week her "JOB" was to sign up ONE Ad Client. the BBQ....she comes me a HUG and tells me she got SIX biz owners to commit to .....not only HER Bank but others.

Anyways.....take a gander at the Photo below and realize that....."Money-Making Ideas are ALL Around YOU.

Have a great week,

Don Alm
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Old May 25, 2015, 08:28 PM
Dien Rice Dien Rice is offline
Onwards and upwards!
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Default Re: WoW! Money-Makin'- Ideas are All around

Originally Posted by Don Alm View Post
We just got home from our wonderful M-Day BBQ and.....I HAD to sit down at my Laptop and report what happened TODAY.....May 25, 2015.
Hi Don,

I always love to read about one of your idea "hot flashes"... and their implementation!

It's always a "win-win-win" type of deal for all involved!

By the way, do you know what your friend was charging to businesses for the spots on the board?

Best wishes,


P.S. I was wondering... If you could get the business that provides the space (e.g. bank, restaurant, hotel) to sign a multi-year contract... That could be quite powerful, I think. The deal may need some reworking to do that... But, you could really "lock" everything in, and by doing that, you could even sell it as a complete business down the road (with the contracts in place)... and perhaps make even more...
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Old May 26, 2015, 02:20 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: WoW! Money-Makin'- Ideas are All around

Hey Dien.....I have ALWAYS....since the inception of this project in Glenwood Springs, CO.....charged $20 a Week for 26 weeks = $520 + a $190 one-time setup fee = $710

And.....I always include a 2nd Bank for $15/wk for 26 wks = $390

For my "Mock-Up" I get a nice looking picture frame and place 3 biz in, so prospects don't think they are the FIRST! No One wants to be "first" I "Salt" the Board with 3 or 4 ads initially.

I began with regular biz card size ads and moved to 4 x 6 in a 2ft x 3ft Board where I can fit 25 Ads.

So.....what we're doing nowadays is 25 ads that pay $190 + $520 + $390 = $1100 (x 25 = a whopping $27,500 for something that costs about $250) Since most advertisers take BOTH Boards.

I should be calling myself "The BOARD Guy". I have these Boards in Bank Lobbies...."Map Boards" in Hotel Lobbies....."Daily Special" Boards in Restaurant lobbies and "Fitness Center Boards" in Firness Centers.

Biz people LOVE to have their FULL Color Ads.....ON BOARDS!

The "Bank Lobby" Boards are the easiest to sell because I am coming from a "Recommendation" from THEIR Bank.

Anyways.....once these Boards are installed......they just sit there.... bringing in Cash.....every 6 months with NO Attention needed.

Don Alm......"Board Guy"
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Old May 26, 2015, 02:42 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: WoW! Money-Makin'- Ideas are All around

I just HAD TO add the following to the Bank Board post

Imagine the AWESOME SALES POWER when I phone a potential advertiser and say; "Hi...."John Smith, VP of Your Bank thought YOU would be interested in my "Bank Lobby Board"!

THIS is unlike any other "Solicitation Call". It's the VP or THEIR BANK who told me to call! Awesome POWER!

Don Alm

Oh.....and if anyone balks at $190 + $520 + $390 = $1100.....we offer to DROP the SetUp Fee PROVIDED they join NOW! We're still collecting $910!

Don Alm
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Old May 27, 2015, 11:50 AM
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Default Re: WoW! Money-Makin'- Ideas are All around

Hey Don, I think this is a awesome IDEA, just wondering how to get all the businesses contact info who bank at a certain bank?...

BUT hey I could just make an appointment with the bank manager and spill my idea and also give them a revenue (small) cut for the biz owners contact details...

Emm, this ones got me thinkin...

Anyway, great posts Don, I REALLY appreciate them, keep em commin...

ALL the BEST to the doers here.

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