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Old July 29, 2000, 12:04 AM
Michael Ross
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Default Business: Female Pigs Offline?

When I was doing my "teacher training" (bet that's something you never knew about me... I was doing a DipEd as an add-on to my main degree at uni - before I broke free of the system), the classes I was given to teach were those considered to be the remedial classes. The unteachables. The dunces.

My class, my group of students, was made up from the absolute bottom of two different grades/years/forms.

As I sat at the back of the classroom and watched how my "supervising teacher" handled these kids I noticed he didn't. The kids liked him I guess. But there was no "control" of any kind.

Some would turn around and talk to their friends. One even got up on the lab bench and started drawing on the glass window with her texter. When asked why, she said her texter wasn't working and drawing on glass was how you got the ink to start flowing again.

Her reason was accepted and she continued to stand on the lab bench trying to draw on the window. (these were highschool students. The window was small and near the ceiling)

It reminded me of a teacher I had in my last year of highschool. No one paid any attention at all. People talked to each other, got up and walked around and basically did what they wanted. What did the teacher do while all this went on? He kept on talking. An endless stream of babble.

One year in highschool I was in the top five in my grade for maths. That put me in the top class for the following year. But that following year saw me slide towards the bottom of the top class, while at the same time I ended up being in the top five of the grade in physics.

What caused that? Why should I do so well one year and not so well the other?

If it wasn't for the high physics result I don't think I would have figured it out so soon.

The one common factor which saw me go top five in maths one year and top five in physics the next was, the teacher.

The year my maths slumped I was given a different teacher. Obviously one not suited to teaching ME. I was given a teacher who followed the book. A teacher who applied all the theory without fault.

A teacher like my droning english teacher. A teacher like my "supervising teacher".

I conducted an experiment, literally. After all, I was there to teach science to these unteachables.

My experiment was simple... get the kids involved instead of dictating to them. Help the kids help themselves, if you know what I mean.

I chose to re-cover the subject my supervising teacher had just covered the lesson before... classification.

The lesson/experiment began with a few questions to see if these kids had learnt anything from the previous lesson. They hadn't. The whole lesson, and it had been of double length, had not taught these kids a single thing about classification.

I walked amongst the desks and asked each kid I tapped on the head to stand up at the chalkboard.

This peaked interest. Why was I getting some people up the front of the class and not others? Would I pick them? Their friends? What was going on?

I classified this small group up the front by their hair colour so everyone could SEE classification in action. After that, they did the classifying. Eye color, shoe color, shirt color, and so on. But not just the kids up the front. The whole class. The whole class spent the rest of the lesson classifying themselves as many different was as they could think of. THEY DID the DOING. They LBDY. And they had fun at the same time.

I made stencils, which everyone sniffed of course :o), that got them involved. Not tests type things. Stencils that got them drawing and interacting with the subject. I conducted more hands-on experiments. Equipment got broken, but hey, at least these kids were learning.

My supervising teacher never sat in on a single lesson I taught. And the only thing he said to me about my methods came after a lesson-long experiment in which equipment got broken. He'd been in the back room, the supply room, and had heard my lesson. He said, "Next time you do an experiment, just you do it up the front and let them watch."

That was HIS method. And it plainly wasn't working. The kids weren't interested and they learnt nothing.

My methods got them interested. Got them to participate in their own education. And I guess, taught them the same way they'd learnt things from the time they were born - by doing something themselves and seeing what happened. LBDY.

I didn't know WHY my methods got through to them. I just knew it did.

And all of this came flooding back as I read over the RH report and the whole idea behind the pictogrigm's etc.

Each person's is different. Each created by themselves. Each person learning by doing it themselves.

And as I think about the whole idea of the SOWs, I don't see something that remains online only. I see an offline network of SOW "schools".

Not necessarily a conglomeration of buildings in each city with an SOW sign stuck on the side. Something which goes to the people. Even if it's only started in a local community hall or something. Like an SOW training center or something. The same way some martial arts are taught in weekly sessions. Maybe done in weekend retreats or what have you. Or city-based centers where correspondence courses can be taken for those who aren't online and who can't come to a "session".

Michael Ross
Old July 29, 2000, 04:30 AM
Paul Short
Posts: n/a
Default The greatest teacher of all...

is also the greatest student...

I have also been given the opportunity to read the RH... and it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the subject line, and first line of this post is true.

The public school system, and most other teaching systems do not take into account the individuality of the student.

From kindergarten, we are placed into the "system". A system that works great for most, but fails miserably for others. Being pigeonholed, or "classified" into a certain group allows no room for REAL learning... Innovation...

If I had known that algebra was actually used as a mind development and analytical tool in my high school years, I would have done a heck of a lot better than I did. Instead I continuously asked "How am I ever gonna apply this a+b=c in real life?"

Why did no one tell me??!!??

To me the sum of two or more letters is equal to a word... a nown, verb, adjective.... not a number...

Am I any less smart than the average Joe? I like to think I'm at least equal... whenever I purchase something at a store, I can blurt out the actual price of the purchase, including taxes, before the cashier punches it up on the register.

Anyway, that's how *I* saw things as an individual... as an individual... as an individual... different from others... RH is an unparalelled insight into individuality... individuality...

Is there an echo in here? Have you asked yourself the same questions? Come on... you know you have... [:o)

Paul Short

CEO Hurricane Promotions

Old July 29, 2000, 01:07 PM
Mike Rodman
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Business: Female Pigs Offline?

A touching story Michael...

it had always been my belief when we had a teacher, with the mind thought of yourself, they should be paid $75,000 starting out.

As in any business, the bottom-line will tell what is working. Your grades in ohysics story relates that thought.

More people will learn by doing than anyhting else. Learning by doing involves all of the methods which people receive information.







I wonder if you shouldn't be guiding our youth again.

Thanks for the story... and the parables

~ Mike
Old July 29, 2000, 09:18 PM
Gordon Alexander
Posts: n/a
Default Great POST, thanks, but that part at the end, people are going to think we're in Cahoots (sp?)

> And as I think about the whole idea of the
> SOWs, I don't see something that remains
> online only. I see an offline network of SOW
> "schools".


Now, I've not talked to Michael in quite some time. I always read his stuff, but I have not communicated with hardly anyone for almost 2 years now.

Not because I didn't want to, I didn't have the time. I know most people don't believe this, and of course I don't care, but a couple of years ago I was so swamped with e-mail, it took me half my day just to get through it all.

Forget about my business. or Family. Or anything else.

But, some people, like Michael Ross, know I've been around for awhile, and even though we don't always agree on things, in fact I don't agree with myself on a lot of this stuff,

But the point is, as I've been accused of doing in an e-mail, is bringing all my old pals together for some nefarious reason. Some people have too much time on their hands.

Not EVERYTHING is about them.
But regarding this:

> Not necessarily a conglomeration of
> buildings in each city with an SOW sign
> stuck on the side. Something which goes to
> the people. Even if it's only started in a
> local community hall or something. Like an
> SOW training center or something. The same
> way some martial arts are taught in weekly
> sessions. Maybe done in weekend retreats or
> what have you. Or city-based centers where
> correspondence courses can be taken for
> those who aren't online and who can't come
> to a "session".



Bob Beckman and I discussed this when he came through town on his whilwind tour with storerunner and all, and it was Bob (give credit where credit is due) that came up with


I have for several years wanted to take SQ1 to a broader audience, but I was so PROTECTIVE, like a parent I guess.

I didn't want people to take this out and turn it into just another MONEY making franchise thing.

Remember the Anthony Robbins Franchises? Like Bob said, NO ONE wanted to pay to watch Tony Robbins on video...

and that was one of my fears with SQ1, that people will use the name, and next thing you know there are firewalks, and bungee jumping and seances, and all the nonsense SQ1 HAS NOTHTING TO DO WITH.

So, how do I take it to the masses? By teaching other people. Allowing them to run a business, I'm not against people making money, I WANT THEM TOO.

And a SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS LEADER should make at least $100,000.00 a year under our guidance, but I don't want people to just pay money and think they can just sell seminars and stuff like that.

They, like I, have to practice what we preach.

So, I am going to teach people the program. Most will begin to learn it here. But the PICTOGRIGMS are powerful, and you don't know their power until you start working with them.

You have to be QUALIFIED. You have to be CERTIFIED.

But Michael, I am looking for peope who want to teach the SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS. It will be a business opportunity without the nonsense involved. The SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS LEADER'S income will be directly proportional to the number of people he/she helps in getting what they want.

I am actively seeking people. Some of you on the board have been thinking about this for a couple of years, I just haven't been able to get it ready in a format and with the control I want and need.

I won't have anyone ABUSE the SQ1, so you just can't buy your way into it. The reason I would certify anyone is that they demonstrated a knowledge of the program and MANIFESTED a result of their OWN USE.

I'm seeking 250-500 SQ1 Leaders. No more than that. Each will have the same foundation. But each will SPECIALIZE in their own area.

For example, Bob Beckman would have a marketing specialty, and just for example, Mike Rodman would have a face to face specialty....

Each person would tap their own abilities, their own strenths and CUSTOMIZE the SQ1 for themselves.

Well, like with EVERYTHING I'm doing right now, there will be more on this later too.

And I promise, sooner or later, I'll get back to all the stuff I was going to tell you about LATER...but right now, I've got some jazz to listen too....


Thanks again Mike, great post. We're getting to know you better.
Old July 30, 2000, 01:42 AM
Michael Ross
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Great POST, thanks, but that part at the end, people are going to think we're in Cahoots (sp?)

As I wrote about the "network" of SQ1 I had Michael Gerber in my head... how he teaches others how to be E-Myth consultants etc. How he basically forms a large network under the mother's wing.

Hmmm... a part from having SQ1 learning centers all over the globe, I wonder if it would be possible to develop a SQ1 board game?

I'm thinking something along the lines of what Robert Kiosaki did when he took his rich dad's knowledge and created Cashflow 101.

SQ1 the board game? A game the whole family can enjoy and learn from at the same time.


Michael Ross.
Old July 30, 2000, 08:17 AM
Gordon Alexander
Posts: n/a
Default You and Dien should really this has also been discussed....(DNO) (DNO)


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