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Old February 13, 2002, 04:54 PM
MiniJV Specialist
Posts: n/a
Default Yes, great job! Re: Congratulations Ricky and David

I found it a time-saving tool - keep up the good work!
MiniJV Specialist
Old February 13, 2002, 05:27 PM
elizabeth aqui-seto
Posts: n/a
Default Dave, I forgot to also extend thanks to you for a great job (DNO)

Old February 13, 2002, 07:39 PM
Josh Hinds
Posts: n/a
Default Re: I like the idea.. additionally I use...

Looking forward to checking it out more indepth :-) Seems like a great idea though :-) To this point I've used to keep up with new posts, popular posts, etc. on the business/marketing forums. Looking forward to using your resource. Again thanks, Josh :-)

> Those of you, who know me, will know that
> I’ve been on the forum scene for some time
> now.
> Running my own forum as well as
> co-partnering on Ken Silver's, and the
> occasional posts on other marketing
> discussion boards is something that I truly
> enjoy and of course benefit from, as well as
> keeping me busy!

> I realized like many others may have in the
> past, who post and lurk in the various
> marketing and business related forums, that
> something was “missing”, something that was
> needed to tie or "network" the
> many popular forums together. A
> cross-reference that would further enhance
> the discussion board experience and wealth
> of valuable information they encompassed.

> Six months ago, I had a dream…. A project
> that would bring the forum scene closer
> together.
> A “tool” that would benefit the entire
> marketing forums community.

> What I thought would be useful, was a
> “dedicated” Forums Search Engine with
> certain extra features I will explain
> further on down.

> I knew that such a project would not be
> easy. Creating a SE requires advanced
> programming skills to be able to search deep
> into the archives of the various forums,
> each with their own obstacles and different
> method of operation. I also knew it would
> take many man-hours of testing, debugging
> and coding, especially for the special
> features I wanted the engine to include. A
> project I could not handle myself due to the
> skill base required and the long hours I
> already devote to my own online business.

> Many people I bounced my idea off along the
> way, people I respected, told me I was
> crazy, or that it would be a project I
> should forget about, a project that belonged
> in the “too hard basket”.

> Well I almost did, shelve the idea, ….. But
> I knew in my heart that my idea, maybe not
> anything new, had some merit and I like to
> see my projects through.
> I knew that past humble projects I had
> undertaken had been winners. Projects like
> the ever popular 100 plus Web pages on my
> website devoted to the “Who’s Who of
> Internet Marketing”, a valuable free
> information resource to those new to the
> world of online business and marketing….
> Interesting reading if nothing else.

> Then 3 months ago I was fortunate to partner
> with one of my customers, a very talented
> and brilliant programmer and software
> developer, “David Orme” from Great Britain.
> A positive “can do…No problem” individual.
> David took the “bull by the horns” and
> worked on my idea day and night, and was
> able to implement the features I thought
> boarded on “unlikely and probably could not
> be done” in the finished product I saw in my
> mind's eye.

> So after much pain and toil, David Orme and
> I proudly give you “Forum-Tracker”….. The
> Internet's first and only dedicated online
> Marketing & Biz Forums Search Engine.
> A Search Engine that will benefit all those
> that frequent and enjoy the resources of the
> online marketing and biz op forum scene.

> Here are some of the features of
> “Forum-Tracker” which may be of benefit to
> all forum goers…..

> 1. Search 15 Popular marketing & biz
> discussion Boards & some of their
> archives in a single search just for
> starters. (More forums will be added as we
> go).

> 2. Search By topic keywords or author (if
> you're looking for a particular poster)..
> …Never again do you have to remember, “Now,
> on which forum did I read about that
> marketing technique!”. Research posts
> relating to subjects you are interested in
> or want to post about yourself!

> 3. Sign up (free) to receive Email Alerts
> when any of your favorite nominated posters
> of your choice makes a message or response
> in any thread in any of the tracked forums.
> Never again miss a post by someone whose
> posts you enjoy reading. Save time in
> scanning the forums when you’re busy.
> (Note: The Forum-tracker technology does NOT
> harvest email addresses from the forums, so
> you don't have to worry about your online
> privacy).

> Let “Forum-Tracker” do the hard work for
> you!… That’s our motto.

> My own forum, which closed last month
> temporarily for the changes to be made, has
> now re-opened as you can see and now serves
> a dual purpose….

> 1. The normal discussion and postings as
> before

> But also incorporating…

> 2. The “Forum” of the “Forum-Tracker Search
> Engine”.

> Here you will be able to see “Link Messages”
> similar to “Lesley’s Fountain’s much beloved
> and sadly missed Boardwatch” to the latest
> and best posts in the above monitored
> forums….. The hottest debates, the
> “must-read-not-to-be-missed” posted articles
> tracked down by “Forum-Tracker” on a regular
> basis!

> We are currently working on something never
> seen before on the online biz forums…. Fully
> automated scheduled postings on my forum
> which will include hyperlink messages to
> posts on the other tracked forums. Not an
> easy feat!…. But we are trying nevertheless.

> We are also accepting a limited number of
> “sponsored links” and small banner ads on
> “Forum-Tracker’s” index page, to help pay
> for the Search Engine and its development.
> Interested parties will find contact details
> on the Search Engine for further
> information.

> With total page views on the tracked forums
> estimated conservatively at around 3 million
> page views a month, we feel confident
> “Forum-Tracker” will become a popular
> resource to the marketing and biz op
> discussion board community.

> Already, “sign –ups” (totally free) for the
> “email alert” feature are beyond our
> expectations, and the user feedback David
> and I have received is more than
> encouraging.

> Visit and put the link to “Forum-Tracker” in
> your browser favorites today….

> Enjoy!

> Warmest Regards & $uccess

> Ricky Higgs - one stop source for motivational resources...
Old February 14, 2002, 11:49 AM
Ricky Higgs
Posts: n/a
Default Thanks Dien...

Hi Dien,

Thank you for your support, and Dave and I will try our best to make Forum - Tracker a powerful and useful resource for all concerned!

Warmest Regards & $uccess

Ricky Higgs

> I must say - when you put your mind to
> something, you really get things done! It's
> a good lesson to learn from.... :)

> Congratulations on your new project - it
> looks like a powerful service!

> - Dien Rice
Old February 15, 2002, 06:53 PM
C. Forden
Posts: n/a
Default Your code is truncating..

Hi Dave:

Clicking 'next page' link is bringing up a blank page in Netscape ....viewing source code it would appear the code is truncating.

Old February 15, 2002, 07:04 PM
Dave Orme
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Your code is truncating..


Thanks for your message.

Can you tell me what version of Netscape you’re using (I tested forum tracker with Netscape vsn 4.79) and if possible what you were searching for.


Old February 15, 2002, 08:05 PM
Posts: n/a
Default email on its way to you (DNO) (DNO)


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