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Old November 27, 2020, 12:44 PM
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Default Part 2 GJA business primer, con't.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
I will say Harvey Brody, about 15 years ago, turned my head around on gaining control and building toll gates on my highway of life.

There is no doubt that Harvey Brody is a money making genius, and many of his students went on to BIG time fame and fortune...Halbert, Suarez, Abraham and a host of others.

I was struck by the number of customers he had, about 150 or so, and a lot less today I'm sure. But when those customers buy pallets full of product, you don't need that many.

Of all the many hours I have recorded with Harvey, I delve into a handful of them on regular occasion to refresh and retain his teachings. See, most of it isn't about the How to do, but most of it is about HOW TO THINK.

And his metaphors may take some time to wrap your head around, when all you want is the step by step WHAT do I do?

Over the years here, and you will see this name mentioned frequently in the forum, I've followed the business of Sherman Hunter, who worked with Harvey Brody for many years.

I've learned much from both men, and to be honest, I don't see much of their methods in the mainstream of Internet Marketing. That may be because of the Guru worship online, and what I consider to be ignorance of the past successes.

Some of the worldly concepts of yesteryear are timeless, they work just as well today as ever. Like the "takeover".

You can find a ton of videos on YouTube about how to buy a business with no money down, or use one of the standard ways:

Assets of the business (the seller).
Lease/ OPTION.
Co-op or Joint Venture.
Employee stock options.

Angel or venture capital, but we hate borrowing. I think it best to bootstrap a new business venture, and maybe use the OPTION or rent to buy over time to acquire assets.

Harvey Brody gave me the "VIEW FROM THE ROOFTOP" and I found it matched my own Square One Workshps PictoGrigm of the POA, PYRAMID OF ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Where Harvey had rungs of steps up the side of the building, mine was a small triangle on the lifeline, where most of the activity was hidden from view.

Both of these have TIME elements in them, and one thing I see day in and day out here and all around the Net is...


People in general, apparently HATE deadlines. And procrastination and distraction set in and delay after delay take place. Some argue it is a "fear of success", but I don't buy into that.

I think procrastination comes from sloppy habits, and allowing yourself the luxury of distraction. If more people had hard deadlines and a reward/punishment for hitting or missing it, we'd see a lot more productivity.

If a project takes a year to do, then it is going to take that year no matter when you begin, every day delayed pushes it down the road even further.

Another reason for delay and procrastination is, BIG ideas, big projects, and complicated ones too. Initial energy wears down, interest wanes and more and more delays occur.

I like short and sweet, 'Get er done' type projects which can built on. Almost all of my reports get revised AFTER they have hit the market, full of errors, grammar, spelling, maybe even broken links or dead ones.

I am of the old school, throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

Perfectionists struggle with this concept, and they also tend to underachieve too.

Also, many would be success, want to do too many things at the same time, and maybe they are wired that way, like me, with my 'OFFICIAL' diagnosis of ADD/ADHD as the psychologist and psychiatrist both saw in my stack of report cards from the first grade on (all of them) and the recurring idea of me staring out the window, or not doing assignments on time.

I had to overcome this habit of distraction by setting vigorous time schedules, even for very short periods of time, but done routinely until they became unbreakable habits.

But back to Harvey and Sherman... If you want to get to NYC from Ohio, you don't need a map to Calif, eh?
Back in the day, AAA (auto association) would give members detailed maps of their journey replete with areas under construction. Today, most young people just set their GPS, and I would wager, many couldn't read a map if you gave them one.

But in business or making money, you want to know where you are going. The map metaphor comes in handy. In this story called the Crossroads of Life, written a long time ago, I use the map idea.

An aside about GPS, here in Cuyahoga Falls, we've had two people turn onto the railroad tracks instead of the freeway because they were blindly following the voice of their GPS, true stuff, can't make this up. Never did that with a map, HA!

In business or money making activities, I have in the past asked people to set a goal of a dollar amount at the end of a given period of time. Like 5k a month at the end of a year of activity. Very doable, as many of you do.

Some people don't like that way, they would have you focus on delivering your service or product and not worry about how much money you are makign...and there are some businesses where this can be a good thing.

Goals, if they are well thought out and if the reason WHY has been a part of the WHAT is wanted...they serve as a scorecard or a map.

I like to use this pic of a bridge (U of North Dakota at Valley City) and as a metaphor, many are walking around in circles on this side, when their goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations are on the other side, but maybe it is covered by a fog, and they can't find it.

For over 30 years, in the GJASQ1, I have asked, what do you want and why?

Tough questions for most to answer, but once it is, the fog lifts, the bridge is seen and a plan or action, one step at a time can be followed to the greener pastures.

Last edited by GordonJ : November 27, 2020 at 01:29 PM.
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