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Old May 14, 2015, 08:34 PM
Don Alm
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Default How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

Excuse me of my "students" just phoned and told me he has just sold his 30th......I repeat.....THIRTY-ith Pizza Biz for $500 initial and $50O a MONTH!.....FIFTEEN GRAND A MONTH FOR LITTLE OR NO "WORK"!

I'm a "Guts-Ball" kinda guy. I get a "Hot Flash" on how I can make money and.....I GO FOR IT!

Case in point.....a few yrs ago....when cell phones were coming out Big a Pizza eater from waaay night I find myself in line waiting to order a Large Pepperoni and I get one of my "Hot Flashes".

What if there was a Display next to the cash register that said...."Get 10% OFF your order! Scan here!"

So.....(see photo below) I make up a it to my Pizza Guy and tell him I can CAPTURE their Contact Info from his customers so that.....he can send them a TEXT message with Special Deals to MOTIVATE them to order a Pizza.....NOW!...whenever he wants to get more business?

So.....I give this to a guy who's almost ready to lose his House and wife and everything. I show him what's involved and how to set it up and.....even go with him on his first few sales calls and, the guy gets INSPIRED and MOTIVATED....when he sees WHAT IS POSSIBLE!

Anyways..... there are THOUSANDS of small Pizza Biz that would LOVE to pay $500 initial and $500 a Month to have a List of customers they can send a Text to....any time they'd like to offer an incentive for them to.....come on IN and order!

Don Alm......idea guy from waay baack
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Old May 14, 2015, 09:09 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

I'm sorry for being a "pest" here BUT.....I just got a call from my "student" Katrina who is a clerk at my local Mini Market (where I get my coffee and paper every morn)

Katrina's husband walked out on her about 6 mos ago leaving her with 3 kids and NO support......monetarily, physically or anything. She got a "job" at my favorite Mini Mkt and......last month....when she asked me if I knew of any "ways" to earn money!

I asked her what she knew about Computers and Digital stuff. She told me she was UP-To-Date on the PC stuff with a FaceBook Page and pretty good on the other IM stuff so.....when she got off her shift that afternoon.....I showed her my "PIZZA BUX" dealee AND......that I would PERSONALLY get her her first TWO accounts paying HER.....$1,000 in front and $1,000 a month and.....if she wanted to make would be UP TO HER!

Anyways......I got her her 1st 2 clients and......she.....has gone out and gotten 4 more Pizza Accounts....for a total of SIX......I repeat SIX Pizza Biznesses paying HER......6 x $500 initially and 6 x $500 Monthly! as of Today!

Holy Camoly! Do YOU people on this Forum REALLY....REALIZE what is "POSSIBLE" in this .....still great....."Capitalist Culture"?

Maybe only a few years left before da Lefties take over completely SO.....git yer Buns In Gear! You OWE yer grand kids!

Don Alm......ready & willing to help pay for my grandkids education
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Old May 14, 2015, 11:41 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: WOW!......

The Time is now 8:05 pm...Weds, May 14, 2015 of my "students" in Medford, Oregon just phoned and reported she CLOSED her sixth (6) Pizza Bix for $500 a Month and told me; " Hey Don!.....Three Grand a MONTH! I OWE You!

Wow..... sure makes ME feel GOOD!

All she did was.... walk into the lobby of a pizza biz ...... ask for the owner......whipped out the Poster and told him THIS will get you MORE bizness because YOU....will be on the Phones of ALL your customers!

He asks, "How Much?" and she responds with "$500 set up an $500 a month!" WHEN do you want to start?"

Don Alm
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Old May 15, 2015, 06:02 AM
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

Very Inspiring Don as usual. I think you need to write a book about your experiences, and I think that will be a very thick book!

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Old May 15, 2015, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

A couple of things that strikes me. Don, do people still read the newspapers (i.e., coffee and paper each morning)? I thought they went the way of the DoDo.

Secondly, this approach is not limited to pizza places. Seems like any old non-franchised restaurant would do.

Curious, Don, which services are you using for the QR code to coupon to SMS marketing? I looked at a few last night and they seem to be all over the map pricewise. I know you can generate the QR code easily enough, but it becomes a slightly different ballgame when you want to capture phone numbers and then send out messages to those numbers. Does the pizza place then have access to the system to send the text messages themselves?

Thanks. Pretty doable idea.
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Old May 15, 2015, 05:18 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

Hi Trevor......I already have "written a book" on my "Entroopeneerial Adventures"'s at "" BUT......I'm no longer selling could click on over and see some of the projects I've started over my looong Entroopeneerial career. 2 grandaughters are getting near "College-Age" and......the "cheapest" one Janey found (a college my son, her dad, went to in Indiana) is THIRTY GRAND A YEAR! 30,000 A YEAR to go to a small College in Indiana!

You kiddin' me! However.....her dad (my son) and I think her grades are good enough to get some sort of "scholarship" reduction. son (her dad) works for ESPN SPORTS as a Sales Guy selling Ads for Sports Events on ESPN and.....makes a handsome amount. a side note.....whenever you see a photo of the downtown of any of our BIG cities....with the SkyScrapers.....take a close look at the Windows!

The people in the offices that have a Window....are making Pretty Good Bux and.....the people in the CORNER offices ....are making SUPER BUX!

My son has has one of the "regular" windows on the 42nd floor of the John Hancock Center overlooking Lake Michigan....FACING the Lake. He's been there 15 yrs and.....hopefully THIS year (2015) he's gonna get one of the Corner that "Education Costs" for my 2 grand daughters will be "No Problemo"!

Don Alm
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Old May 15, 2015, 05:42 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

I'm sorry....i don't understand your reference to "Newspaper & Coffee".

In small Town America.....(towns of 20,000 and below).....LOTS of residents like to read the Local Paper to see what's going on....myself included.

And....Re: QR Code provider; I hooked up with a guy from OZ (Quentin Brown) who was one of the first "Mobile & QR Code" guys.

I don't think he's providing his QR Code thingee any more however.....almost any provider, nowadays, should be OK. are RIGHT about OTHER places using QR Codes.

When I started using "Table-Tents" to restaurants where diners were offered 10% OFF their Meal if they Scanned the Code or Typed in the URL to get the betcha......I GRABBED AND KEPT CONTROL OF.....the Client Contact Info so that.....whenever the restaurant wanted to PAY me to send out an "Incentive Offer" to bring them IN.....I'd do it AND......if any restaurant client decided NOT to use the future.....they understood that.....If I GO.....SO DOES THEIR CLIENT LIST!


Anyways.....this kinda stuff has been pretty easy for me....even though I'm really not a Digital- Pro.

Hey.....IT is OUT THERE.....all ya gotta do is.....GO OUT AND GRAB IT!

Don Alm.....Grabber from waay baack
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Old May 26, 2015, 03:56 PM
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

why wouldnt the pizza shop owner do his own list now a days? happpy to hear it is working for your girls tho !
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Old May 26, 2015, 06:40 PM
Don Alm
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Default Re: How about $15,000 A MONTH for NO "Work"!

I'm "sorry" Bob.....ALL my Sales Life in the "Advertising Biz" I have heard your comment;

"Hey! All da owner of da biz has gotta do is....drop his tools fer a few minutes a day to do DIS "PROMO TING"....or....da Pizza Owner (whom I happen to have THREE Friends who own Pizza Joints AND...are Good Friends)....who says; "Lemme see now, fer me to start TINKING BOUT DIS PROMO DAT DON HAS GIVEN ME DA IDEA FER....LET'S SEE NOW.....MAYBE I COULD FIT THE RESEARCH AN IMPLEMENTING STUFF INTO MY "SLOW-TIME"!

I'm sorry Bob.....I've heard this my ENTIRE ADVERTISING SALES CAREER!

DA ANSWER IS; DA BIZ OWNERS.....especially Da Pizza Biz NOT have TIME.....I repeat even Think about ANYTHING OTHER THAN RUNNING DERE OWN BIZ!

HOLY CAMOLY, BOB.....You've been posting on MY stuff fer years! I know that YOU have Biz Promo Experience! It surprises me that YOU would come up with the "COMMON" negative I get from "never-done-anything-an-why doesn't-da-biz owner jus' do it hisself! ....type of comment?

Wowee.....Zowee! Excuse me for exuding some Emotion Here But.....I did NOT expect THIS kinda comment from someone who has "Ben Roun Da Horn" "taking da Bull By Da Horns an....Goin' Fer IT!!

So.....BOB.....because I know what YOU have done AND....are still doing ...... to make a post like you did......causes ME to wonder!

So.....I'm tinkin' dat Bob is "Tinkin'" "Dis guy Don has offended me,somewhere, in da past, SO I gotta give him a Whack on dis here Forum..... .to show dat "I (because I" am so experienced and knowledgeable)........WANT"to show viewers dat.....dis here guy Don...does NOT know diddly bout "Marketing, Sales or Promotion"

Anyways.....Bob-O.....I could go on fer ever BUT.....Tanks Fer responding

Have a good day.

Don Alm
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Old May 26, 2015, 07:15 PM
Don Alm
Posts: n/a
Default Hey! Bob McAlister!

OK...Ok.....whenever I see a response of "Hey Dude!.....what's ta stop da biz owner from doin' dis hisself!"...sends me into a "Tailspin" of....."What da heck am I doin' here wit such "amateurs"?

Then... I havta "calm down" and realize dat when most Non-Marketing...non-Sales people.......come up with THIS kinda question....I usually just chalk it up to NON-experience...... HOWEVER.....when long-time marketing guys ask THIS question......I have a tendency to become "UN-Glued" and "Wonder" if there's an "Ulterior Motive" for THIS comment.

ANyways....pardon my "dust"!

Don Alm

Last edited by Don Alm : May 26, 2015 at 11:30 PM.
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