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Old November 2, 2006, 10:17 PM
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Default I'd like to put a dab of money into an online venture - But what??

Hello, everyone...
I have put back about $60-$70 on a credit card just for an online venture, but I am not sure WHICH one to put this money into.

Important Side Note: I think I might have mentioned it on another posting that I'm trying to be both "Mom & Pop" right now, so it is doubly important that what I do w/this I don't just lose, so I want to be really careful - but I also want to have fun! And who knows, along the way I may just make some real money!

I'm open to ideas & here are some things that I have thought of:

The new autosurf put out by the owner of DadnDaves (David Cannard) (No name here, so I won't violate any TOU's)

Maybe become an affiliate of a good program (ebay?) & learn to do a google adwords campaign to earn by it.

Last, but not least, I also did think of running a niche-specific classified site (Thanks, Phil! ) using google to earn revenue on.
I'd probably have to invest in a BB software to run that.

Anyway, all suggestions are appreciated! I've wanted to set some money back for this for some time, just didn't have it to set got a dab & would like to make something out of it & "grow it".

Oh, my last thing would be to 'think' of buying the rich jerk's material...

Thanks for your input!
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Old November 3, 2006, 01:53 AM
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Default Re: I'd like to put a dab of money into an online venture - But what??

Save your money Bea.

I haven't heard good things about David Cannard.

You'll probably end up losing a lot of money with google adwords. Its a tough thing to master.

Rich Jerk manual is basic.

To run any site, you'll at least need to:

1. buy a domain name
2. buy hosting

Which would leave you with just $30-35 for promotion.

Here is what I would do with $60-70.

1. Find a hot topic. Research the magazine racks or best selling lists.
2. Write a hotsheet or a report. 12-16 pages. Or if you have the equipment, create a 30 minute audio.
3. Buy a domain and hosting.
4. Create a mailing list form on that website.
5. As soon as people subscribe to your mailing list, they see the sales letter where they can buy the hotsheet or audio for $7-15.
6. You can setup accepting payment with
7. Spend the remaining $30-35 in promoting the website. Check out the classified section of the magazines you found in bullet-point-one - maybe you can buy a 2 line ad for $35?.
8. Re-invest the $7-15 per sale that you get in promoting the website.
9. You make money at the backend. Selling other people's products to your list. Or creating new hotsheets, audios, videos and higher end products to sell to the list.

Hope this helps you.

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Old November 3, 2006, 10:40 AM
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Default FREE tools. And the absolute EASIEST 100 bux I've ever made online. How you can too.


Bea, first let's start with FREE tools. I've written a report on them but here are some highlights for you:

Web Pages. I use Page Breeze. Coffee Cup too. Find a ton of FREE stuff at: the word processor has a built in pdf converter, but I use
pdf995 but I did buy the complete toolkit...but FREE works ok for now.

And to create fast web pages, you could use a FREE website just google free website and find tons of them, I've been using Lycos/Angelfire for years...they have templates that let you create a web page in minutes...then just copy the code, insert into your html editor like Page Breeze and save in a folder.

These tools help you save your DAB of money. You'll get a ton of ideas on web hosting, stick with something easy to start, like GoDaddy.

It will cost you 45.33 for your site, which includes registration of your domain name...IF you need a site at all.

That leaves you 24.67 to "work with" (If you start with 70 dollars).

The easy thing about Go Daddy hosted sites is that you simply drag and drop your finished html page into the site via a browser ftp...

This makes it extremely simple to use. Although I do have sites with CPanel and fantastico and all the bells and whistles, I like the idea of cutting and pasting and quickly creating html pages and quickly transferring them. This would work fine for a small beginner's site, then as you get better or want to do more, you could get a more sophisticated hosting option...

I'm trying to keep it simple for you and within your budget. OK?

Before I get to that EASY hundred bux that I made without a web site at all...let me take you in a different direction:

OFF LINE with some online possibilities. When my youngest kid was in high school she sold handbags. She even had a display at her school, and she made hundreds of dollars selling these custom made handbags. Now here's the thing.

She didn't make them. She sub contracted the work to younger girls. All she did was sell them. Currently she is selling Brazilian jewelry at her college and could make several thousand dollars a quarter... and once again, she doesn't MAKE the jewelry or sell it... she "acquires" it from a source (she was an exchange student)...and has other students selling for her.

Then, there is a girl, who is passing out flyers to local businesses for HOLIDAY treats, I've mentioned her in a prior post.

She and her mom will spend a couple of afternoons baking cookies and things for the Holidays. A neat way to spend time with your kids and make some bux too.

NOW then, my kid is working on some reports {in her spare time} to show other high school and college students HOW to make some money in their spare time...and thus, the ONLINE connection.

And I hope the young lady making cookies would create a little report that details her success too.

HEY, I know a lot of adults that would like to make an extra 1000 bux a month or so {and don't want to chattel, he..he!}

Which brings me around to ONE idea for your little dab of money.

Take a look at this:

It is ONE page on Skip's site. He has several pages like this one, that is, a page that sells a specific DOWNLOADable product.

We had an idea, we DID it. And this past week I rec'd over 100 dollars for simply combining ONE of my reports with one of Skip's. We won't get rich or anything...but here is the cool thing...I've done nothing except send skip ONE pdf file. He's doing all the work, bless his little heart.

I don't think he'd argue too much with me saying he did a "little" work to get this going...and it may be just a trickle to Skip, I got a good giggle out of the 100 dollars that appeared out of thin air. Heck, I've got so many things taking up space on my computer, I'd like to find many other Skips...and so Bea, finally, to offer my advice.

Spend your 45.33 or LESS {others might have a better deal than Go Daddy) and set up a site where you can offer AFFILIATE programs, either formally with a ClickBank program or simply like Skip and I have done.

OR...DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY, and spend some time with your kids and CREATE little things...that can be turned into HOTSHEETS, then reports or information products you can sell at eBay to test or from your web site.

I'm currently baking apple pies and just made a chicken pot pie yesterday; took a few pics with the digital camera and I have a pretty good recipe with pics that even a 6 year old could follow. Will I do anything with them? OH, probably not, I'm too dang busy {and I hate being too busy, although I did manage to bake a few things}

Anyhow, because I could go on and on....

Bea, HOLD on tight to your money for now. UNTIL you decide which LITTLE step to take, because you have "seed" money. And you have to tend it very carefully to make it grow ONLINE. Spend a WEEK of time gathering the FREE tools and learning how to use them...

THINK about a project you could involve the kids in, sort of piggy backing your quality time with them...they are gold mines for ideas telling you what a huge NICHE market is interested in (what are they asking for for Chirstmas for example)...

And consider creating a HOTSHEET on that subject. OR do some searching around, and HERE at sowpub is as good as any place...why, even I have things you could sell and without cost to get them...but there are scores of people with products that would be glad to have one more distribution point.

OK. Hope that gave you a few ideas. Just don't be IMPULSIVE, and promise yourself to hold on to the dab of money for ONE more week until you've gotten a lot of ideas to sort through. OK?

Good luck,

Gordon Jay Alexander
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Old November 3, 2006, 12:31 PM
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Default So, what about Chatteling?

Some good thoughts - I'm holding on to that $70 - for right now, at least, although holding onto money has never been a strong point of mine!

Say, what about this chatteling? Would that be good? I could buy the report...Or is that just me wanting to spend $70 that is burning a hole in my pocket!? lol!!!

See, I did do the GoDaddy deal (website tonight) well, for ME, it was NOT website tonight or even anytime this WEEK! I even had a cute little catchy name paid for (MoneyMakingMama) but finally the project went the way of all things that you wanted done yesterday but can't get done by even tomorrow noon!

I DO like to buy & sell, though, maybe that's a thought...I bought a few things to put on ebay this week - books & such, so chatteling wouldn't be bad - should I spring for the book?

Point well taken on the google deal, but that would be perfect for me! I love advertising, am good at affiliate programs (On one of mine I have almost 500 referrals).

Thank you all for the ideas, they are great!!!
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