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Old July 30, 2000, 10:01 AM
Gordon Alexander
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Default Business: $1,000.00 Days and Million Dollar Nights...

I don't know what your business/financial goals are.

Perhaps $1,000.00 a day would be insufficient to meet your needs. Perhaps that would be a huge pay cut for you.

I do know that for MOST people, a grand a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, puts them in a position to be Financially Free.

It represents FREEDOM to many people.

The average American yearly wage, according to PARADE MAGAZINE, is just over 26 thousand dollars.

That's the average...which means the vast majority are well under that figure. No wonder they fall behind.

So I've chosen a goal for you. For some of you a BIG goal, for others, a nice little side line income.

$1,000.00 A DAY.

Either EXTRA, or TOTAL.

HOW you going to do it?

I don't know, but we're going to be offering some suggestions. Such as:

Leverage your time through DIVERSIFICATION.
Use proven marketing materials.
CREATE your own products.
Joint Venture.

Set Goals. Make a Plan. Execute the Plan. Adjust.

The entire SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS process.

So here is your goal. Make a $1,000.00 a day.

For you Heavy Hitters, that is a small sum, but over the course of a year it comes to a quarter of a million bucks. Surely you can find some way to spend that can't you?

For others, it COULD be FREEDOM.

Can you achieve it in ONE YEAR? Let's find out.

There are many people who have mastered the Internet and have abandoned the real world.

Others make a small percentage from the Internet and most from the real world.

I believe in balance. YES, digital products such as REMOTE HYPNOSIS are great. But an AUDIO version of the same program allows me to market to both on-line and off-line BUYERS.

So my strategy is to keep DIVERSIFIED and ACTIVE in both areas.

But where will I find the time? Where will you?

I'm in the process of putting together several Joint Ventures. SOWPUB is one of them. I've "partnered" with Dien Rice to bring you on-liners some of my work. WE are planning to make this a profitable site.

Dien will begin small, publishing a few of my works, while SOLICITING yours. If he lands a few writers, authors, product developers and publishes their work, he stands to make substantial money.

He has taken a risk. He has given up his "day job" in Academia to pursue his Entrepreneurial Dream.

LISTEN UP, especially you new visitors who may think we have too much fun here and not enough "serious" business. As was stated to me in an e-mail.

HEY, one of these days maybe I'll publish my WACKY E-MAILS I'VE REC'D. It would be a hoot.

But, when you get a guy like Jim Straw to answer your mailorder questions and do it for free even, you are tapping into some very SERIOUS money making knowledge.

Jim has a turn-key program. But you still have to do it.

Mailorder is a definite part of my strategy. I'm not going to ignore the millions of people with Cassette Tape Players who spend BILLIONS a year buying audio programs.

YOU? Ignore them if you want.

I'm going to be marketing to them. But I'm not going to be doing any of the MARKETING, other than write a few promotions that may or may not get used.

I'm going to JOINT VENTURE this out. I'll let someone else master and duplicate, package, stock and FULFILL the products. I'll create, and I'll market.

And take a smaller profit than if I did it ALL by myself. But I want the other guy to make more money than I do. I want my publishers, my partners, my associates to get the bigger share.

Why? Because it gives them a good reason to remain interested. To do what they have to do to make it work.

Do I lose out? NOT! I gain. I can use my time to create more and more product. Without the headaches of OPERATING A BUSINESS.

So, there will be a lot of discussion about Joint Ventures, a FAST and established way of building a cash flow.

And of course I'll be doing my bread and butter thing, CHATTEL, too. Yep. I'll continue to buy and sell.

I'll continue to BUY over here, and SELL over there. And I'll probably stay at the 1000 dollar profit transaction level too, as I described in THE CHATTEL REPORT-THE SPRINT TO FREEDOM.

Which, by the way, is available from George Marquez, and I'll be posting his address and prices as soon as I get them.

I don't sell the report anymore. But I will be having updates, and EXPANDING this into the entire areas mentioned in other posts about CHATTEL. To refresh your memory, these are:

Consignment stores.
Second hand prior owned stores.
Collectible stores.
Internet, including auctions and Buy/Sell forums and Classified Ads.
Garage Sales.
Flea markets.

and so on.

Pick one. We'll talk about it. Flea Markets?

My friend Gadget Bob can set you up in a Flea Market business that could make you $500.00 on a Saturday.

Bob has scores of testimonials from people who are doing it.

Second hand stores? I'll have an interview with a lady here in Summit county that has SEVEN stores. They are called ABBEY ANNE'S.

She STILL drives around the city on trash day taking other people's JUNK and turning them into her TREASURES.

Auctions? My brothers and I do the Akron Auto Auction, Gov't Auctions and University Auctions. Even the occassional private estate sale.

I have a friend who is an Auctioneer, and I'll interview him,

SEE? I'm going to exploit my knowledge and contacts and convert them into PRODUCTS that OTHER PEOPLE SELL for me, and are much in demand, and it is only 20% of my overall plan.

I'm going to set up the SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS, and teach other people how to help people and make money doing it. They will give me a small percentage of what they make.

They will have access to all the above mentioned products at wholesale prices so they can provide their students with the information they need.

Maybe for some of you, it's starting to dawn.

I've been approached by off-line publishers, and if I get a good deal, and they know how to market, a push of a few buttons and they have a POD (Print On Demand) product they can sell through any of the major bookstores or the small independents.

But I'm not going to do the printing, or the proofing, or the marketing. I will have a royalty agreement in place and ask them to send me that little ol monthly check.

Then I'll create the back-ends, the follow-ups, the "family" of products.

And while I'm doing all this, I'll be playing tennis with my kids, golfing. Taking walks along the Cuyahoga River, going to Jazz Festivals, and special events, and driving my oldest around looking at colleges.

It will be a fun year. But my SECRET? I'm not going to try to do it all by myself. I will accomplish these goals through WE.

COLLABORATION. To a select few of you, you have inside information on this one.

But collaboration is working with other people. Working FOR other people. Working in THEIR best interests.

I'm confident that if I do that, then I'll achieve my goals. Which for now, let's just say they are the same as the ones I've set for you.

A grand a day. In extra income.

Then I'll get to enjoy those Million Dollar nights. Like last night when I took my youngest to the Art and Jazz festival. Honestly, I wouldn't trade a single day spent with my kids for a million bucks. NOT ONE.

I can't believe they are in High School. My oldest goest to college next year, I'm already heart broken. But excited for her.

So, I'm going to make the most of this year. I'll catch every rehearsal of the Senior Class Play. Every choir concert. Every article she writes for the school newspaper will become a treasure to me.

I'm getting misty eyed already.

ANYHOW, we have set a goal. Adjust it to meet your needs. Join in.

Become one of WE.

See how WE share? See how we tell stories and learn from other's experiences?

Come and join in. Let's have some FUN on the way to those Thousand Dollar Days and the Million Dollar Nights, OK?

We are not yet OPEN FOR BUSINESS, but don't let that stop you, if you have questions or comments, now would be a good time to ask them, because I have this feeling we are going to get very busy here, very quickly.

So, wanna Joint Venture?

Speak right up.

As always, thanks for your time and attention.

Gordon Alexander

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