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Old February 10, 2012, 10:13 PM
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Default Why I am one of the greatest putters...still.

I'm going to tell you a story. First, I want to NameDrop, OK?

Joseph Murphy, Vernon Howard, Al G. Manning, William Walker Atkinson, Wallace Wattles, Ward Wallace aka Frank Wallace, Ernest Holmes, Mary Baker Eddy, Elizabeth Towne...

These are a few of the authors I read during my Wonder Years, 1965-80 or so.

Mostly New Agers except for Frank Wallace, total opposite.

So, anyhow, we had a bare carpet in the living room my dad wouldn't let my mom replace, not because we couldn't afford it, we couldn't...but becuase it was a great practice putting green.

Mom threw a rug over the rug when company came.

We had one of those electric putting machines, you'd putt into it and it would throw the ball back to you...the ultimate lazy man's device.

One day, dad comes in and sees me practicing and says,

"What are you doing?"


Where's the ball?

It's invisible.

Stifling a huge giggle, he says, How many have you missed.

NOT ONE, I've made every one.

I feel him shaking his head as heads toward the kitchen for a snack.

Guess what book I had read?

If you said Maxwell Maltz's PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, you'd be right.

Last year about this time my ol navy bud Art was finishing up his FL stay trying to qualify for the Seniors Golf Tourn...the Champions Tour.

He was 63 then. Avg 312 yards off the tee with the occassional pop to 340. His long irons were crisp, short game terrific, in fact, he awed them at the local courses, people would stand and watch him practice.

With all his skill and talent, he should be WINNING those tournaments, not trying to qualify for them...what is his problem?

He can't putt. 3 and 4 putt from 3 feet. It was agonizing for him and me.

Other friends who knew him agreed he had some sort of mental block when it came to putting, and we encouraged him to get help...Art is one of those guys who thinks he can WORK it out, with sheer will power and hour after hour knocking in 3 footers....he didn't need any "mental" help.

Alas, Art had to go back to Greenville and contemplate his golf future.

I paid my dues on the putting green, like all would be professionals, and I tried the mechanical approach, got a board and tried to groove a putting stroke...but it didn't work for me.

I once talked to Billy Casper about putting and he told me he just feels the ball into the hole. HMMMM.

One of the greatest putters ever and he just "FEELS" the ball into the hole.

I am a touch putter too. In fact, I keep two putters in my bag, both OLD Jack Nicklaus, one from 1964 the other from 1970, never been regripped, old leather every once in a while I quickly run a warm soapy rag over and quickly dry it off, lest any of the magic gets washed off.

Why am I such a great putter? And even today, give me a week on the greens we'd compete on, and I'll take on Tiger, Phil, YOU or anyone else...that's a lot of confidence.

Based on a long history of being a phenomenal putter, but, alas, I stunk from tee to green. Always having to save par or bogey with my putter.

New Agers were the forerunners of modern metaphysicians, occultists and mystics. NOT all were nut jobs, like Wallace Ward, although his Neo-Tech had many threads woven from the Objectivist view of Ayn Rand...

Objectivists are totally the opposite of the MIND people.

One revered COPYWRITER, one of the greatest ever, was an occultist.

Robert Collier wrote the must have copy classic, The Robert Collier Letter welll as a course on Metaphysics which became the book...The Secret of the Ages.

You'll find a lot of William Walker Atkinson and his student Wallace Wattles as well as Ernest Holmes in Collier's book, which began as a mail order, self-improvement course.

Here was a guy who was absolutely scientific in his approach to selling by remote means, yet, he was a BELIEVER in the occult.

Why am I such a great putter? Because I think I am.

Full circle back to an occult classic, James Allen's As a Man Thinketh.

If you have never experienced anything supernatural, above and beyond coincidence, or the least bit may be a full blown skeptic...or like Ben Suarez KNOWING how fast Gary Halbert's boat was, had an intellectual knowing until Gary opened the throttle and knocked Ben on his AZZ...then Ben KNEW.

It is difficult at times for a Believer, of any kind, of mysticism at all levels including religion, metaphysics or mind science...

to discuss the concept with the skeptics, who have a superior view of the world, like Rand and Wallace Ward. They operate objectively.

When I was 10, I had three major events in my life, which have influenced me to this day.

I saw a woman, in fact,several women change color and shrink somehow, when I used the magic words of Snakes, Spiders and Mice.

The day of flower power selling which set me on a course of learning everything I could about human nature, influence and selling...Words Have Power.

Not long after that, I was healed by the Rev. Earnest Angley and that afternoon had my first OBE, out of body experience...although at the time I would have sworn on a stack of bibles I had flown.

It took about 6 years to discover Astral Projection and Astral Bodies.

The third event was a move...from Tallmadge, OH to Phoenix AZ, back to Akron, to Cuyahoga Falls. FOUR elementary schools that year, always the new kid with the funny speech impediment.

Never had a problem in small town Tallmadge, where everyone knew me, the barber's kid who was the door to door salesman...but in the big city of Cuyahoga Falls, after coming out of the Akron Projects, which had it's own influence on me...I became a non speaking anti-social little idiot...and some people there today, still see me as that.

Why oh why oh why am I boring you to tears? Is there a point?


Yes there is.

I'll share it tomorrow.

Gordon Jay Alexander

Last edited by GordonJ : February 10, 2012 at 11:14 PM.
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