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Old December 29, 2007, 08:11 PM
Dien Rice Dien Rice is offline
Onwards and upwards!
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Default How To Make Your Own Luck!

"Are you feeling lucky?"

Okay, I borrowed the words from "Dirty Harry" (well, I left off the word "punk") - but it asks a good question. Are you lucky?

As I think I've mentioned before, I attended the talk of a real "luck expert" a few months ago... Here are some important things I learned...

(Before you "roll your eyes" - this is based on psychology research...)

Some people swear that they're just lucky. Other people swear that they're UNlucky! How is it that some people can be lucky, and others can be unlucky? Is it pure chance? Or is there something else at work here?

Many psychologists think that there's more to it than chance... Many people MAKE their own luck. They may or may not realize it, but that's what many people do...

Wouldn't it be great if you could make your own luck?

By "luck" here, I don't mean things of pure "chance", like winning the lottery. But I mean getting more opportunities, more business, more of whatever it is that you want and desire...

How can you do that? Why does this seem to "fall" into the lap of some people, and not of others?

Well, there are a few principles. One of the top researchers in this area is Prof. Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. I had the good luck (!) to hear him speak when he was in my city a few months ago. His talk on luck was fascinating! (Hey, and the talk was free too - how lucky was that?)

What do "lucky" people have in common? He identifies several characteristics... Among them are...
  • "Lucky" people are more open to new experiences - they don't mind "breaking" their old routines to try something new...
  • "Lucky" people expect good things to happen to them.
  • "Lucky" people are generally more relaxed, and less tense about things...
  • "Lucky" people pay attention to their "hunches"... (This is something a lot of successful entrepreneurs do too. They pay attention to their "gut feelings" on things.)
Well, that's all well and good. But how can YOU become lucky?

It turns out that Prof. Wiseman has a system. It's been tested - and it's found to work. I'll give it to you right now... It's amazingly simple. I urge you to try it out.

Here's what you do. (And before I continue, I'll let you know that I've been doing it myself for around 4 months now - with some great results!)

The basic idea is to keep a "luck diary" - or you could call it a "good things diary".

Get a journal. Then, at the end of every day, write down at least 3 good (or "lucky") things that happened to you that day.

Some examples of "lucky" things that can happen (paraphrased from my own "luck diary")...
  • When you run into a friend you haven't seen for a while. (A few days ago, by chance, I ran into a guy I hadn't seen for about 15 years, and who had moved from Melbourne, Australia - where I live - to San Francisco. It turns out he, his wife, and daughter were visiting his parents here in Melbourne for Christmas!)
  • When you find free money on the ground (no matter how little or much it is, it's still lucky!) I never find "free money" - but for the first time I can remember, 2 weeks ago, I found $2.20!
  • When you do a successful promotion, and make sales, or get new subscribers to your "opt-in" list...
  • When you find a great car parking spot!
  • When you learn new information that will help you in your life somehow (e.g. in your business, your relationship, your health, etc.) (By the way, I have noted it down in my "luck diary" when I learn great info here on this forum which I can use to profit from!)
  • Of course, this doesn't begin to exhaust all the possible "lucky" things that could happen to you from day to day...
The "good" things could also be when something "bad" doesn't happen... That is, look on the bright side.

For example, if you have a car accident, you can consider it "lucky" that it wasn't worse, and that you're still alive. (Earlier this year, on a wet and slippery road in the rain, I had a "near miss" with another car. I think that was before I started doing the "luck diary", but if I was doing it then, I could have counted that as a "lucky" miss...)

That's it.

DON'T write down the "bad" or "unlucky" things. ONLY write down the "good" or "lucky" things that happened to you...

Start doing it tonight. (Or do it now, starting with an entry for what happened yesterday.) It will only take a few minutes. And keep doing it daily.

I don't actually use a paper diary - I just use "Notepad" or "Wordpad" on my computer (that is, write it as a text file), since I'm on the computer so much. But do it however you like - on computer, or in an actual physical journal.

This will get you focused on the good things... And you'll start "expecting" them. Before too long, you may even find you're "making" these good things happen...

I could go into "why" I think it works... But it's better to just do it. Then you can see for yourself, and start "making" your own "luck"...

Good Luck!



Last edited by Dien Rice : December 29, 2007 at 08:17 PM.
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