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View Full Version : Alfred Hitchcock, Joint Ventures and Spaghetti on the wall.

October 31, 2017, 02:17 PM
I was on the phone when 1001 birds landed in my yard, freaky. Spooky, just as I was about to shoot some video, a neighbor's cat chased them away.

THE BIRDS, a film by Hitchcock was based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier is a classic. I can now imagine Dame du Maurier sitting by her window and seeing the scene I witnessed.

Funny how short stories or even long ones and movies spring to the imagination when we become fascinated by something.

Anyhow, Joint Ventures. I just pointed out to someone the very fastest and easiest way to do a JV is like the QOP document posted above by Harvey Brody. Michael Senoff has made a career from interviewing other people.

And along with JV's, when I was a teen working in the pizza shop, we made pasta, all by hand. We didn't even have a mixer. Put scoops of flour on the board, added eggs, water and massaged it into a dough that felt right, we didn't use any recipes.

All look and texture. We sold a lot of egg noodles, and we made a lot of pasta, although it was mostly used as gifts to the families.

Now Angie, Papa Felics's older sister was straight from the Old Country, and she was a pasta making diva.

She taught me how to test the "Al dente" spaghetti for doneness by throwing some against the wall, if it stuck, a little bit longer, if it fell off, DONE.

Or if you prefer adobe bricks (ala Casa Redondo), getting mud to stick to the wall is sign you are doing something right.

AND I teach, yea...preach to get some fast results. GET something up and try to sell it, see if anyone wants to buy it.

Too many of you and the world in general, are overthinking and delaying activity.

Sure, plan what you want a year from now to look like, see the finished goal on paper and in your mind's eye...

BUT start quickly. IMMEDIATELY ! NOW.

Throw your ideas against the wall of sales, see if someone buys it. Refine your target, get feedback and perfect as you go.

Don't delay. A delicious pasta meal starts with a mess, and sticky flour all over your hands...a desert fortress starts with a mess of mud...

and if you want to make a Gazillion bux, go ahead, start with a mess of an idea. Just keep adjusting and DOING, until you get it as perfect as it need be.



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