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November 17, 2017, 10:03 AM

This link shows an animated Wankel engine, a powerful, albeit dirty engine which was revolutionary. I've used it for years as a metaphor for multi-taksing.

On this rendering, you see the spark plug on the bottom left, imagine if that were a a little nail, and there were dozens of these around the cylinder...every rotation of the cam would push the nails up, or if attached to a cam shaft, could turn several things.

Anyhow, that is my personal time management and multi-tasking tool. To keep going around and around hitting the nails and letting that action spur other action.

In less cryptic terms; I like doing a lot of different things and working with lots of people at the same time, keeps life interesting. There is a discipline to this type of multi-tasking and sometimes I get undisciplined and the plate overflows.

Currently, I have the following projects going on:

Lottery, 4 people doing Pick 3 charts in their states, a few doing the Pick 5, 5 out of 39-43, in Ohio, this is the Rolling Cash 5. This in addition to running my local lottery club and still sending out forecasts to the remnants of the old lottery club.

Mailorder, I'm working with one "old timer" in the mail order business and he's running tests, my part looks to be reviving and creating new HOTSHEETS for the programs. Without spilling the beans, a good program, has different tiers to it, a low cost entry, a middle cost upsell and either a big ticket item or ongoing membership site.

Although I have a lot of experience in mail order, I am deferring to the expert who knows this current field better than I do. Also some good strategy, for those seeking Joint Ventures.

Locally, I'm working with "Dan the Man" chatteler, who has specialized in used restaurant equipment. He is doing great, but he is a hustler. Also, a few piddlers who took my workshop. And I'm working with several people to help them develop their own workshops and courses too.

I know a lot of you and other IMers want those big thousand dollar Tony Robbins type seminars, but, man those things are one man band nightmares, better for us fly low types to make our 200 bux for a Sat. morning and be done with it, except for the follow up.

My kids and I are working on our content, which we will be pitching in March 2018 in NYC. I'll be there March 16-20, so after the weekend, if anyone wants to meet up, let me know.

I have a friend who has almost perfected the Postcard advertising method, and although he has had a lot of success with various ad campaigns, I'm unwilling to do the grind it takes to make that happen....but, his latest thing is a one day deal, minimum effort, maximum profit, something I can and will do only because it doesn't take any time. Or small amounts of it.

I'm finishing up the AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING sites and also the coaching programs. As for my students, many have run into this:

LIFE HAPPENS. (for a few, ****e) New jobs, illness, family emergencies, etc. But they have some solid ideas, if they get a chance or make time, to act on their ideas.

I have slowed the Wankel down this past year, refocusing on CONTENT development for what I see as the BEAST of TV, Entertainment where there is more money than they know what to do with...and it fits in with our goals.

My participation here has been minimal these last few months and become less and less...up to March, and then I'll just peek in and see what is going on.

I'm going to share some lessons from the last 20 years of online activity, and maybe make a few offers, but we'll see.

Multi-tasking or having a lot of interests, CAN get one stretched too thin, and at times the projects don't get the attention they deserve. But working with you and through you and doing Joint Ventures is a great way to do business, spread your risk around, have multiple streams of income and keeps things interesting too.

In my follow up post, I'll discuss some of the important lessons I've learned too.

I haven't mentioned everything I'm doing, and the only reason I keep my fingers in so many pies is because I have some very good associates and/or partners like Dien Rice who work far harder than I do and make my lifestyle so much easier to maintain.

Do you have any questions?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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