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November 30, 2017, 07:14 PM
So, last week I was in a BAM (Books A Million) store with my daughter and I was pointing out all the merch to her, and the fewer books, albeit expanded sections of bibles and manga.

OF course I knew of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, and recognized some of the other stacks of toys, plushies and gifties. Then we came to PUSHEEN. My kid tells me they share an agent.

I'm so glad she found a NYC agent in a shop where subsidiary rights are looked at.

Pusheen is about 8 years old now. One of the modern marvels of licensing and merchandising.

Forget copywriting, forget stories...you want a fortune? Start drawing.

Cats, mystical beasts, superheroes of all shapes and sizes. Too bad I can't draw a straight line with a ruler and a pencil. Alas, have to stick to chatteling, maybe I can create a Mr. Chattel and license him?

Billions of dollars in the world of licensing, we'll talk more about that next year.


PS. Some of these folks are killing the IM gurus. Consider this:


A whet your whistle little bit about licensing. I plan to be in Vegas for the big show, May 22 if you want to meet up.


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