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December 2, 2017, 01:51 PM
End of the year.

Before I review, a peek toward 2018. I've made no secret that I'm turning the pages on my activities. I'll be actively creating and offering content to the Entertainment industry and also will be getting involved in licensing.

I will keep an eye on several things, through other people, some JV's and other mutually beneficial associations. These include:

Chatteling, especially restaurant equipment and big construction equipment.
Mail Order, and some of you who have gifted for the report, and who ASKED to be contacted, are privvy to what I'm doing there. I did say I would not contact anyone who gifted for the report unless they contacted me first and I stand by that.

Information Creation and Marketing, mostly via JV, I doubt if I will create much for this, maybe recycle some old ideas or let someone else use them to build their info biz.

I am looking at some of the toys and games I created a couple of decades ago, a couple may have some licensing opprtunities, however, a few are pretty much dead in the water, so if you want them, here:

Roll-Boll, a combo mini golf/bowling/bocce game with indoor course. 25 holes, a potential hole in one for all of them, with prizes, think Chuck E. Cheese here.

Also, an indoor version of disc golf, only the disc is a circular bean bag, and the holes are more like vertical corn hole games. I created aliens to toss the bean discs into.

A revision of Froggin/Poggin with the use of pogs (remember them?) ready for an update on pogs.

Anyhow, next year looks interesting.

This year's wrap up. I'm excited for several of you who are on the brink of a breakthrough, some have struggled because life happens; moves, marriages, divorces, kids, etc. And that has slowed a few down. Which is OK, just don't give up.

There are at least a half dozen who have had light bulb, AH-HA moments in 2017 and you're working hard on your projects. Glad to have been some help, if I have been.

Some good news from a couple of off line guys, one friend has perfected his advertising business using EDDM and he is positioned to have huge impacts on this market next year, albeit, it has taken a few years of testing, testing, testing. But that price of payment will pay huge dividends for him and others.

Another off liner has struck gold with his finder's fee business.

We have gotten more active at SowPub in this last quarter, have added several new members and greatly increased our traffic.

I won't be as active in 2018, just too busy, but I'll be nearby. Dien, from my understanding will be ramping some things up, I'm excited for him to get his latest projects running at full speed, you will be excited too.

Interesting political year. May be a watershed year in history, time will tell.

Do you have any end of the year thoughts or predictions, projections or projects you want to mention for 2018?

So many choices, so little time. Make every minute count, they all matter and add up.

What a fast year this has been, eh?


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