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December 18, 2017, 10:01 AM
Discipline is the result of desire and habit. It takes 28 to 35 days, according to many experts, to establish the base of a habit. Continuous activity for a month gives one a good start in developing a habit, but it is only the start.

I see a lack of discipline as being at or near the top of reasons why people don't either fulfill their potential, or don't achieve their goals.

Punishment is often used to train someone to adhere to their schedule.

Is an unfulfilled, unhappy life knowing you could have been so much more than what you are, not punishment enough?

Let's look at ways to develop discipline, and I see two general ways this is done, the BOOTCAMP or the immersive way. Military training cuts to the chase, you do as you are told or else you are put out.

This is when you shut the doors, lock the windows and stay on task until completed. An example, back in 1997 or 98, Melvin Powers introduced me to Charles Prosper, who told me he locked himself away for a week, and learned html, so he could build web sites.

I literally took Charles' advice, and for 7 days, I didn't go anywhere and spent 18 hours a day working on html, and wrapping my head around the ways of the Internet, even though I came to the www, fairly experienced with online knowledge, having participated in the old Usenet and communication channels as they were in the 80's.

But html was a new thing, the code was different and it took time to get to understand it. I have taken this BOOTCAMP, or total immersion with many different things, especially software, because I do best with limited distraction and forced focus.

The other model, on gaining discipline, is small amounts of dedicated time to the task, so someone else, might have spent an hour a day to learn html and spent 90 days, building the habit of study as they go along.

Writers often establish discipline via routine, my mornings are governed by my reading schedule and writing time. And has been for pert near 50 years.

Where lack of discipline jumps up and bites you in the butt is when an OPPORTUNITY presents itself and you are unprepared for it, because you fidddle farted away precious time you could have been learning _________

Or doing ____________ whatever.

One "secret" of discipline is to build in goof off time, or blocks of time where you have fun, do what you want. This time of the year, many people who know better, become food a holidayics...they eat the cookies, all the great candies and cakes of the season, gain a few pounds and falsely think they will lose it in the New Year.

If you have discipline, you reward yourself with a holiday treat now and again, you just get in the habit of not overeating or stuffing your face.

Do you have challenges with discipline? Do you have routines and rituals you have consciously chosen?

What tricks or tools do you use to stay disciplined?


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