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December 23, 2017, 12:22 PM

A few years back the 2k LAUNCH was popular, with 1k going to affiliates, some of them made 100k with their shilling of the launch. May still be ongoing, I don't know.

Back in the 70's the low cost biz op was in full swing, low cost being either 495 or 995 dollars, above 1k and you may get a look see from the FTC, etc., not so likely these days.

So, the survey.

Do you think 750 dollars, net, is acceptable for 30 hours of your work?

Would a biz-op which showed you how to do it be worth 495? 995?

Is 30 hours online the same as 30 hours offline, or on the phone?

750 is totally arbitrary. Although it is more than the average American takes home every week. It roughly translates into a 37.5 k a year income. Just above the average, and with millions at 15 dollars an hour or less, it is why I chose it.

But what about 1,000 dollars for the same 30 hours? At what level or point does it make a difference, see, if you are a member of some syndicate, or group, or mastermind and get 1k commission on a new 2k product launch, you can easily make a full years income in an hour, if you have a list to offer the launch to.

I don't know what Biz-Op is anymore. Do you think it is 80/20 online/offline?

Any comments appreciated. Back in 2002, I was about 80/20 with my online income giving me 80% of my total, today, it is more like 90/10 with my OFFLINE activities giving me the 90%.

Do you think DOING biz-op is dead? Like cleaning headlights or selling advertising for examples. Is biz-op today mostly about affiliate/MMO/mlm or mostly behind a computer screen efforts?


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