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Dien Rice
December 26, 2017, 05:37 PM
You know how pizza can be so addictive? All those toppings, layered over with delicious, gooey hot cheese... It's hard to resist eating another slice...

Apparently, the addictivity comes from the cheese! (And adding the carbs, from the flour base, helps too...)

The same goes for the popular macaroni & cheese. It's about as simple a dish as you can get - yet so addictive!

A study used the Yale Food Addiction Scale, and found that the most addictive foods are those containing cheese!

Now, here's the kicker...

"Dr Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and author of Breaking the Food Seduction told Vegetarian Times that cheese has the same calming effect as heroin."

Cheese... is like Heroin!

Why is it so addictive?

Milk contains casein. When they make cheese, it concentrates the casein in the cheese.

In the stomach, casein breaks down to make casomorphin - an opioid!

That's right, it literally is a drug...

Now you know why you often feel calm after eating cheese...

How can you use this?

Obviously, this is not as bad for you as, say, heroin or cocaine. But, cheese can calm you down... So, perhaps it could be useful when you have the jitters, such as before a presentation, or a meeting...

I haven't tried it yet - but it could be worth a try!

Best wishes,


P.S. The other idea... Take powdered cheese, put it in little plastic bags, and sell it on an inner-city street corner. ;) (I'm kidding about this part...!)

P.P.S. The quote came from this article (and there's further information here)...

Cheese could be as addictive as drugs, according to study

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