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December 31, 2017, 12:48 PM
CRM, CDP, ERP, PPC, SaaS, SFA, STP, ACT, Gantt, etc., et al, and so on and so on.

Two of millions of resources:


In today's newsletter from Ankesh Kothari, a must read, he links to Trello, and it is one of the many popular tools.

Project Management, collaboration, all the daily mundane activities of running a business, if that is what you choose to do...no limit to the number of tools at your disposal.

ME? I use a white board and yellow stickies. Old school Kandan, seperating tasks into columns; Ideas, In Progress, Nearing Completion, Done.

And a simple hand drawn Gannt chart.

The problem is you don't want to get bogged down too early in your project or business and unless you are in the business of developing sites and tools for people, is it necessary to stay up to date on the latest goodies?

ONLY if it saves time or money and you must weigh that.

I would be happy to collaborate with a group, or a person, who uses Project Management Software, I'm familar with

Google Docs
MS Project (not a fan)
Open Workbench
Only Office

and others. I, UNFORTUNATELY, have spent too much time in the past attempting to stay up with the advances, what a waste of MY time. That is readily available and can be hired out. Use Other People's Knowledge and leverage your time.

I'm thinking of reducing my white board to 3 columns. Ideas. Doing. Done.

The more I know and have learned, I realize the genius of KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

At the end of the year, when we glance back, do you see where your time was spent, and are you going to spend that much in the new year?

I'm not. Focus on 20% that brings happiness and moolah. Outsource the rest.

OPK on my DOING list.

Ideas. Doing. Done. I want to see more in the DONE column at the end of 2018, how about you?


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