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January 1, 2018, 12:51 PM
Happy New Year.

Mark Twain attributed the following to Benjamin Disraeli, "There are lies, damned lies and statistics."

Today I'm dubious of almost every percentage I see bandied about, like 80% of people quit their New Year's resolutions in less than 3 months.

After looking at a dozen different sites which quoted this stat, and most referenced a site which had no reference, but was an opinion, I wanted some real research.
The best I could come up with on short notice is from

It actually showed some real numbers, albeit, not all that encouraging.

Especially of note is this:
Percent of people over 50 who achieve their resolution each year 16.3 %

If you are 50+, you have about a 1 in 6 chance of staying the course for the year.

OK, enough stats. April 10 is the 100 day mark for 2018. I think of it as a significant check point, and I have a few Gantt charts which go til then, one of the goals is a PAGE A DAY on a new script. So at the end of the 100 days, I'll have another script ready. One page a day, or about one minute of screen time, for a standard length movie. That is a writing goal.

So today is 100, and I'll cross them off on my calendar, like bottles of beer falling from the wall, and by doing this, I hope to achieve what can be an overwhelming and mountainous task, writing a scrpt...one rung up the ladder at a time.

I want to add 20 seconds a day onto my pool time. So at the end of the 100 days, I've added almost half an hour. Which should help me with my exercise plan.

Adding a little bit every day, makes sense to me, something I can do to avoid Resolution BURN OUT, which takes so many people off their goal tracks.

It makes bigger goals less intimidating, more agreeable to my mindset, and actually more of a chance of following through.

First offer of the New Year in my mailbox was for some guy's MEMBERSHIP plan, and I thought...some of the SowPubbers have material to offer up a membership plan, SO,,,,,,,,,,

If you want to test a membership idea, we'll make SowPub available to you, via a private forum, so you don't have to mess with software or make any investment to test your idea.

Simply let me know what sort of a membership plan you are thinking of and we'll discuss it, of course, the best kind should be something relevant to the members here, mostly about business or self improvement.

TEST, TEST, TEST will continue to be our mantra for 2018. So here is your first offer of the year. And it is FREE.

A sub forum to test out your membership idea, take it for spin, see if it fits.

Short term, monthly, weekly newsletter, or whatever subscription service you may want to offer, let's see what you got, OK?

Of if you want, I'll post the link to the other guy (whom I've never heard of, but I do have my Warrior+ account ready, just give me a few minutes to create my affiliate link to it, as long as you are going to buy from someone else, I might as well make a few pennies from it, eh?).

100 days. April 10. What will YOU have completed?

PS. Start your NEW YEAR off on the right foot, with THE CREED.

Also, today I started posting my mini classes on my local craigslist. Will have several classes offered, most of a 4 hour duration and a charge of 125 bux. Will do one on one, but would like to get 4 in a class. Tested and proven strategy for some quick and easy money, you should do some in your area too. Reprise, redundant and repeated, when it comes to easy money, I just can't resist.

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