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January 5, 2018, 12:49 PM
Thanks Dien for Giving Me PERMISSION to Share
Our New Book With Your Readers.

"The BEST Money-Making-System
I've Found In 28 Yrs of Interviewing
Self Made Millionaires"


20 years ago I stumbled across an Internet Sales Letter.

It Said, "PAY Me 7400.00 and We'll Teach You How to Attract Money. And Don't
Take MY WORD for it. Test out the following Moolah Attraction Affirmation. IF
You don't Attract More than our 7400.00 Fee - Do Not Sign Up."

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for My TEN TIMES Return"


He seemed Pretty Sure of Himself.

More than Fair.

So I went to work giving money away
in all directions - from home - in direct mail. Face to face tipping.

In the Next 3 weeks we attracted 9138.12 in WEIRD Ways. Often
from people we didn't know. Or had not spoken to in years.

We Bought the 5 Week on-line Course.

IT SUCKED! Not one single good idea.

However we still had the Affirmation. And we Still Use it Daily. And it STILL
Makes us and our Clients and B*uyers Extra Dinero - we would Never Have Had.

***You Can PayPal people moolah. Then Say The Affirmation out loud.

***You Can Staple a 1.00 Bill to a Thank You Letter. Say the Affirmation.

***You Can Staple a 1.00 Instant Scratch off LOTTO ticket to a Thank You Letter.
Then say The Affirmation.

You Don't Get Munny Back from the person you Give Dinero to. INSTEAD You
get Checks in the mail. PayPal purchases from total strangers. Electric and
Phone/Internet Bills that are WRONG - in your favor.

WEIRD MUNNY in your Pocket.
BELOW is The Most Successful - Systematic Way to ATTRACT
Extra Munny - While helping People in your community.

Everybody has to eat.

Most of us dine out at a Restaurant or DriveThru. Or go Shopping at a Grocery

So TIP Your Cashier or Waitress.

***DIRECTIONS On The Best Way to
Attract Extra Moolah From 1.00 Bill Tipping...

Step I - Each Time You Send out money. Every time you 1.00 Tip your Cashier
or clerk - Say your affirmation to yourself a couple times. Then Forget it.

Step II - This Affirmation Opens a Virtual Door over your head. Thru which
money falls like rain.

Step III - THE SECRET to Success is not to EXPECT to get Munny from a
Traditional Source. Do not Expect Your 10X Windfall to Come to you from
the person you 1.00 Bill or LOTTO ticket Tip.

Be Open Minded.

OF COURSE there Are Immediate-Easy-To-Spot BENEFITS to Surprising
People Around You With LOTTO Tickets Stapled to a Thank You Note.

A - The Wendy's Cashier said, "Excuse me. Did you know you can b*uy
a charity coupon book for 1.00 that is good for 5 Chocolate Smoothies?"

(ME - "Nope. I Didn't know that."

B - The Garbage Men smashed my Plastic Trash can into Pieces by flipping it
high in the air when the Temperature is below Freezing.

After I started Taping LOTTO ticket Thank you Notes to the Trash Can Handle
my Garbage can is all in One Piece.

C - Lotto Ticket Thank you Notes to my Mail Carrier. Result? My packages
are delivered to my door instead of Dumped out by the mail box.

Clients and B*uyers have Experienced
Lots of WEIRD and WONDERFUL Benefits too.

Which you can Read About in our book. Proof of concept - Yes.

Plus Inspiration and Ideas
for your Own Moolah Attraction Experiments.

Glenn Osborn
M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
Rentamentor Group
Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Network
Master of Ceremonies at the B*illionaire Watching Club

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