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January 23, 2018, 01:19 PM
Start here:


See on the far right beneath TOLLS: Royalty, residual, SUBSCRIPTION...

Who is doing well online?

4 million giving Lynda.com 24.99 a month = (you do the math)

75 million Amazon Prime members either 99 a year, or (now) 12.99 a month

117 million tossing Netflix 10 bux a month (avg) =

So, what are you offering on a subscription basis?

Dien has his newsletter. I have my Personal Program Plan.

Some of you have your supplements, your newsletters.

What else are some of you offering via subscription, or what do you subscribe to?

OH, I got so many, how I long for the simpler times of the Colombia Record Club. HA!

Spend a couple minutes looking over this PictoGrigm, maybe you'll get an idea or two.


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