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January 26, 2018, 03:05 PM
Thanks Dien - Gordon,

How To Make Extra CASH Before Booking WARM/FUZZY
Appointments w/Millionaire Biz Owners - PART II


Thanks for Joining us.

Since Book #1 On How to MAKE EXTRA CASH Was So Successful We Decided
to Write Volume II.

In Order To Sell To Small Business Owners You Must FIRST Get Some
Of Their Time.

Just Suppose You Could MAKE MUNNY While you Are PRE-HEATING
Your Prospects on the way to Getting That 1st Appointment?


We've been doing that for years.

Maybe You'd Like to Play with the idea too.




Below is a Testimonial from Kimberly in the UK.

Why Is It Here?

To SMACK You Awake to the Moolah You Are Leaving on the Table
if you don't Try This Out Yourself.

Instead of asking for 10X Return.

She Asked for 100X Return and Got it.

You Should too.


Quick update on my results using your affirmation Thank you, thank you,
thank you for my 100x return. I just went past 100 x return on my first test.

I donated my tiny tax return to a community project anonymously few days
ago. They accepted it on Monday by email. This is what happened since - its pretty random:

I got given a food processor my friend bought for me on ebay
My neighbour was throwing out a leather office chair, so I got that for free
I got 2 free coffees and an apple
A stranger insisted on buying my groceries for me.
And today I read my email and got upgraded to a higher level of a membership thing which is worth around $200 dollars a month for a year, just to say thank you
Pretty cool, huh?


(EDITORS NOTE - We Got "Kimberly's PERMISSION. And changed her Name
and her Country as we always do. "Of course you can add it to your book.
Kimberly is fine.")


I asked "Kimberly from the UK" a few questions.

She says Her "Tiny Tax Return" was 35.00 US D*ollars

The Value of Her Membership UpGrade -

One Free month - 300.00 PLUS 12 Months at 234.00 a month = 3408.00

TOTAL - 3708.00

So even without all the Smaller F-r-e-e Stuff.

35.00 ATTRACTED 3708.00 - MORE than 100X Return.


P.S. - I just found a 18 inch long - Brand Spanking new Screw Driver
next to the road where I walk. 10.00 at Amazon - (Just looked it up)

So Our Munny Attraction Process Kinda Sorta Turns you into a

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