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February 2, 2018, 02:09 PM
I've stated before my one word formula for selling. Or copywriting. It is

Get it, keep it, turn it to action. BINGO, sales are made.

But let me expand it today.

The NEW think formula is:


If you take the best advice from the largest number of successful marketers, you have found an audience for your product.

If not, you've doubled your work load.

So, assuming you are smart (cause you're here) then you know your TARGET. Now you must get their attention and keep it

until they BUY. All those ancient formulas, and modern ones too, like AIDCAS, OR the 22 things copy must have in it...

Eye tracking studies coupled with brain wave research have proven when you lose their attention, they are done with you. You have either bored them, scared them, or somehow given them a reason to say...NO MAS.

You can get attention by offering up a solution, or a promise which matches what is on their minds.

BUT, you lose them when you switch to sales mode, and all of you know this, cause you are bombarded with sales messages every day, right?

When do you lose interest? Flee? Get out of there?

As soon as your mind becomes interested in something else.

The most effective way to gain attention is to listen. Or in print, to appear to know what they are thinking, what they are saying to themselves. You accomplish this by knowing people, behavior and the specific wants and needs of your target audience, the buyers.

When you prep your copy begin here: What ACTION do I want them to take? Assuming I keep their attention to the point where action is required, exactly what action do I want them to take...

and more importantly, WHY do they want to take that action.

If it is a pure offer, there are only two choices, YES they buy, NO they don't.

Advantages are had with face to face, but remote offers are best suited to a very targeted need/want/problem.

IF you get the action desired, what is their SATISFACTION level, some guys get 10 to 20% refunds, that means a large number of DIS satisfied buyers.

I like less than 1%. It isn't hard to do if your copy hasn't written checks your fulfillment can't cash.

OR if you use HYPE to sell, you are going to have a higher rate of unsatisfied customers.

IF you do satisfy them, they come back, maybe again and again and again.

So there is my NEW THINK copy/persuasion/influence formula.


PS. If you have a lot more I's in your copy than YOU's, you're off to a bad start.

Don't take the ATTENTION away from them and put it on you. Surely they will FLEE with wallet intact.

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