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February 20, 2018, 10:31 AM
and that is saying a lot, isn't it? HA!

Are you aware of a confluence of ideas? Do you take note of when the same idea or subject comes at you from different directions?

I've trained myself to exercise TOTAL CONSCIOUS AWARENESS (TCA) when certain conditions arise, and especially when 3 or more of the same idea come at me at the same time.

Some of this was triggered by Glenn's MOOLAH ATTRACTION, and it coincided with the guy at the Warrior Forum selling RITUALS (spells) AND running into TWO people I haven't seen in years...

coupled with TWO guys missing critical deadlines....

and Wham Bam, the Universe is talking to me. But what is it saying?

I'm not sure, but during Spring cleaning yesterday, I came across some old books, all related to the mind/spirit and broadcasting thoughts to other like minds, and forming, a sort of, Spiritual MasterMind group.

First, I already do RITUALS, as does most of the world. But I also have habits created and built for reaching goals. And it occured to me, these too are rituals.

And the guys who could'nt reach deadlines? I think, they lack rituals.

Or habits. We all get the same hours in a day, why can one person work a full time job, take care of his family, and the other guy has lots of REASONS why his time was taken up with other stuff?

From my side of the desk, his reasons are excuses to me. A lack of motivation? Perhaps. But maybe the wrong thoughts going into the Universe.

We see Glenn attracting Moolah from all kinds of weird sources and he too practices a chant, or a mantra, or a CREED, not dissimiliar from mine.

And the first users of THE CREED are starting to report back to me, and a couple have had their AH-HA moments, and a couple of others report no change or results.

Many years ago I wrote a post about the difference between knowing, and KNOWING (from experience), I believe I used the Ben Suarz story about being on Gary Halbert's very fast boat, and Ben knew it was fast, but then when Gary "floored" it and Ben was hanging on for dear life, he then KNEW it was fast.

A lot of us know things, but until we experience them, we don't KNOW THEM.

So, the peculiar part is...I'm going to revise a very old, 3 decades, work, more of a treatise on HOW TO CONTACT other minds, how to make those pls signs on the Square One Workshops, find their way into other minds and give support and assistance.

The SQ1 is a visual shorthand, but I think it is time to open discussions up abot USING and applying.

TIME is the issue for all of us, and as I've said a million and one times,

Where the head goes, the body follows.

Missing deadlines means your head wasn't into it. The other stuff usurped the importance of it. Bad time management? Maybe. Poor planning skills? Maybe.

Why do so many of us miss our goals, our deadlines, and spin our wheels?

I think it is becase we have some very bad rituals.

And so, I'm going to help some people get better ones, the kind that lead to productivity and not procrastination and excuses.

See you in the Sky, the place where thoughts go.


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