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April 15, 2018, 10:51 AM
These are a few of the new topics in MORE MONEY & MORE FREE TIME, the new April 2018 report. A lot of familiar territory, if you've been around here for awhile, you'll find many OLD concepts.

And why not? If they work. Like understanding TRANSACTIONS and VALUE EXCHANGE, and of course, chatteling.

Waldo is my new customer. Where is he? In the report you see the typical crowded and colorful Waldo pic, along with the GRID concept for finding him.

It is often like trying to find your ideal prospect when you are trying to sell them something. But by using the GRID approach as seen in Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigations, you can find your prospect and THEN

build your INTERSECTION, where your promotion meets your target prospect.

All that old kind of stuff is plentiful, and still practical in the new report. The GRID concept is new, so it may be worthwhile.

And as for GEO-ASTROLOGY, I'm doing these as research, not trying to sell anything to anyone...so if you read about it and want your IDEAL mission statement generated from your GeoAstrology chart, I'll do it.

Here is what I need from you. Date, location and Time of Birth (standard Astrology stuff) AND, this is important...your grade schools, or locations you moved to during ages 1-12.

If you lived in the same location and went to the same school OR, if like me, you moved several times (I had 4 schools in the fifth grade)...that is influential childhood stuff which may be effecting you now.

You will be surprised at what these charts say, maybe lead you to the thing you've been looking for, anyways, it is a RESEARCH PROJECT for me, costs you nothing to have it done. OK?

Then, leverage.

The whole new report is about leverage, OUTSOUCING and handing off your chores (those daily mundane things, even re: your IM, websites) to someone else to free up your time. I paid a neighbor kid to mow my yard, which was my chore, but my dad was OK with that because it came out of my pocket and he did a better job than I did.

While he was mowing, I was selling door-to-door making 3 times what it cost me to pay him. OUTSOURCING.

Opportunities abound, even if you are the "labor". A neighbor and I have groceries delivered, very affordable, and I don't have to spend time shopping. And services like Merry Maid or SusieQ's house cleaning, Dave's lawnmowing, Omar's gardening, Little Mary's Pet Care or house sitting...

ALL of these chores are OUTSOURCED. Interesting 3 of the top 5 franchises in the low cost area are CLEANING services, both corporate and personal...and fortunes are being made too by providing the people to do chores others don't want to do.

Same as in Internet Marketing...IF I ever needed a real website and not one of my hokey little pdf AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING sites (which keep on pumping the cash flow, thank you very much)...

I would outsource it. A couple of guys on this forum are very good web masters, and although there was time when I put a lot into learning html, my time is more valuable today, so, I would let someone else do it.

IN FACT, this is pretty much how I feel about new product development, as I was asked by an early reader of the New Report about my back ends...and
I told him, I really don't have any.

It would be my preference if other people created back ends around my 64 projects which have been out there, some now for 25 years, because I am busy doing something else...

Which brings me to the CREATESPACE Case Study in the Report. My daughter wrote a book a couple of years ago, self-published via Create Space, Amazon, and sent copies to book stores and agents. She was able to get into Barnes and Noble bookstores and also got to "pick" from agents who were interested in repping her for a follow up book.

She got a great agent, very good Publisher with proven TV subsidiary rights in play, and recently, at the NYC Story Expo had HOLLYWOOD type producers ask for her pilot, which she is currently shopping around.

Whether or not it gets developed is up in the air, but all that combined makes her publisher happy and gives some buzz for when her book comes out next Valentine's Day. So, it serves as an example of HOW you could self publish and have an


which I cover pretty completely in the report,

And use it to leverage into other opportunities.


Go get it now. Good stuff awaits you, a little old, a little new, turn to gold or bux a few (and have more free time while working less).


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