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April 19, 2018, 01:10 PM
What is Harvey's secret you should consider for your future projects?

Buyers, who buy in quantities.

His customers, like Home Depot, SEARS, etc., buy by the pallet, or lots of products to go into their stores.

I sort of discuss this in MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME.

When I talk about leverage.

This came up recently in a discussion about an IDEA I have for a certain product, and although I could sell it to individuals, my initial idea is to have it as a wholesale product, and let the Walmarts and Amazons sell it, because they would buy in large quantities.

Of course your product has to have the margins to do this.

Doesn't stop P & G from shipping millions of TONS of water (detergent) to stores around country. How much more profit is it for them to NOT add the water and put the soap into yummy little colorful packages. Got to save millions on the shipping costs, ya'd think...but I pay more for TIDE PODS than for the heavy gallon of TIDE liquid.


The PROBLEM any new product faces is finding customers. One could easily say, it is the number one problem of all businesses, finding and KEEPING customers.

Our POSTCARDS seem to be a good way to find new customers for local businesses.

So, as I always do...start at GO and look for my IDEAL CUSTOMER, the WHO before the WHAT.

WHO would buy this new product? Why? One way is to create something that has a well defined market, for example, kitchen gadgets.

EVERGREEN market, many niches, such as cutlery, cookware, appliances.

Then, say I have my PROSPECT in sight, a pretty good idea of who would buy the new product and why...then it becomes a question of Where and How.

Yes, I could sell my new MUFFIN MUG one by one from a web site, but my initial thinking would be, who else could sell it for me? eCom has made a big difference, because of the PRODUCT ON DEMAND availabities of today's manufacturer...as I point out in MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME,

Just as a place like BookMasters in Ashland could do it all for you; have a web site, take money, print on demand, drop ship to your customer...

there are those items, like TEE shirts, which can be sold the same way. SPENCER'S GIFTS (remember those guys) give 100 dollar prizes to people who come up with T-Shirt slogans, and these are then put on their web site and sold ON DEMAND.

This Saturday I'm attending a special workshop on CREATE ON DEMAND products, everything from Quilts to LEGO art, as well as 3D printing...what a fantastic opportunity for so many of you today.



BUT...sometimes you have to plan for very fast implementation and scale.

What if my MUFFIN MUG takes off? What if Trump orders a million of them with MAKE MUFFINS GREAT AGAIN (in 2 minutes in your microwave)?

YIKES, then what?

See, Walmart Buyers are probably done for this year, for the most part, but there are specialty buyers who can order quickly, get it into stores and on shelves, we see this in Walmart with their AS SEEN ON TV section, which usually has the products CURRENTLY being seen on TV.

The dilemma comes from having LARGE ORDERS and not being able to fulfill, and losing the momentum/opportunity or the EVENT has passed.

You can bet there will be a million and one products commemorating the Moon Landing next year...I hope to cash in too.

It isn't easy getting onto the shelves of Walmart, or Home Depot or any of the chains, and I think this is a great advantage that AMAZON is cashing in on. Order this morning, could get it this afternoon. WOWZA.

So, I normally work with low cost information, sold to a small list of buyers which has worked for me over the years, but, that doesn't mean I don't ignore the LEVERAGE of a BIG BUYER, who could put your idea into the stratsophere.

And you should consider them too, BEFORE you even have a product ready to market.

I'd bet every one of you have an idea at least as good as my MUFFIN MUG, and with today's

MANUFACTURE on demand, it would be easy to get a prototype ready and into the hands of buyers who might say, "Yea, give us 10,000 of your things, and if it works, we'll do 10k a month".

NOW that is a Harvey Brody idea we all should give some thought to, eh?



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