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April 24, 2018, 09:40 AM
Rich Jerk did it.

So, today, let's talk about Private Labeling.

OOOPS. Minutecast says big storm coming in half an hour, got to run out and get my midday lottery tickets, will be playing 88 today. Be back in a couple of hours and I promise you, if you are interested in Private Label Supplements, etc., I'll give you REAl life experience, ok?

Dang Cheech and Chong and the 420 peopel. I think because of all that thought energy being directed at that date and number, it came up today at midday, and this after 042 came up last night. Wonder what other states that happened in, anyhow, I'm still on the 88.

Ok where was I going with this, maybe I can pick up train of thought, but don't count on it.

First, a link to an ON DEMAND FULFILLMENT:

Quite literally too, eh? In the new report, MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME, http://www.angelfire.com/biz/gjbiz/gopromo.pdf

there is that whole section about ON DEMAND products and fulfillment houses. You have so much opportunity.

About supplements. In mid 1970's my wife worked at FERN'S health food store in downtown Longbeach, while I was going to school at Golden West where I met Joe Karbo. When we came back to Akron, she got a job at Alexander's (no relation) Health Food store in Akron, on State St. next to the O'Neils building.

We became pretty knowledgeable about supplements. Fast forward, and I worked for PATENT HEALTH for a little while and then HERBAL ENERGY too, and also with the SCI guys on their supplements too.

So, I have a pretty long history and quite a bit of experience. I referred to the Rich Jerk, who made a ton of money in a short period of time with supplements and auto ship stuff, and so did some of the other jerks, the not so rich ones back then, whom you can read about at the Salty Droid website, who also tried to get rich quick with their supplements.

Some of them may still be at it.

But it is about as easy a marketplace that exists to get in for a low cost, and have high mark ups selling, what in my opinion, are placebos to the masses. Hey, nothing against placebos, they work between 10 and 18% of the time.

And there are 101 places which will make your product and slap your own PERSONAL LABEL on it.

NOW, the secret, as it ALWAYS is, is in the selling of your product. Most of the supplements are sold via hype and walking a fine line between the truth and hope people have for magic pills. Make no mistake, there is a huge demand for magic pills, a TRILLION dollar industry.

For the most part, the mostly benign supplements and vitamins don't do any harm, don't do much good either, but if something makes someone feel better about taking it, great.

I'm just pointing out something here.

The ON DEMAND, and the FULFILLMENT of products, from vitamins to golf CDs to books, reports, food, etc. is a model worthy of your attention.

There are some terrific opportunities in the PRIVATE LABEL arena, not only with reports and such, but real products you can slap your label on and have your very own brand.

AND, you can always have your own formulas compounded or made, add a little of this, some of that, and you have PROPRIETARY ingredients, one of a kind...that only you can sell.

I once wrote full page ads for Pet Supplements and did pretty good with Joint Supplements back in the day when I was more inclined to hawk that kind of stuff. Maybe you can get rich quick, with your own private label.


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