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Dien Rice
May 6, 2018, 02:31 AM
Sure, you're tired of me talking chatteling, or flipping, or buying and selling.

OK, listen to these guys:


OR a guy who really doesn't need to do garage sales. But, he does...


Both good videos. Chatteling can fund your other ventures.
Thanks Gordon... I agree, they're both great videos!

The first one too is a great example of how "guerrilla video" can work so well... It's not "professional" - just turn on the camera and talk, with a bit of editing the different parts together... It keeps it real (and it's kind of refreshing too)...

Everyone should have at least 3 or more ways of making money that they know how to do. That way, you'll always have "survival skills" and you'll always be okay (health permitting, because health turns out to be the most important of all)...

Best wishes!


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