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May 14, 2018, 05:35 AM
I don't remember the "original" thread, but variations of this question get asked at least once a month or more often. My answer always starts with TIME, and how much of that is a person willing to trade for the 100 smackeroos...10 hours a day? UH, probably not. But 4 hours, or the equivalent of a part-time job, one that pays 25.00 per hour, might be MORE acceptable, especially for the Internet crowd.

AND then, the next question would be: Would $700.00 per week be an acceptable substitution for the 100 per day?

Silly question? I don't think so, because the extension of that would be; would 2800.00 per FOUR weeks be an acceptable substitution for the 100 bux a day?

BECAUSE, without knowing how much time a person is willing to exchange for a particular level of income, then any answer might be considered; foolish, impractical, UNdoable (God forbid anyone has to DO something for the money, HEY, even my 9 year old daughter knew that; "You don't get paid for doing nothing!").

With that as the set-up...and my answer will shock NO one...

Buying and Selling Personal Property (Chattel) is ONE answer.

This moring I sent out a HOTSHEET (Chattel Bulletin 910) to those currently enrolled in The Beginner's Guide to Chatteling Course. This one page little HOTSHEET pointed people to one area of Chattel that is HOT...showed them a few examples of things that have consistently sold on eBay for the past 5 years, something in a given price range that gets 20, 30 and even 40 or more bids per auction.

AND, every transaction has the potential of putting anywhere from 700 to 2800 dollars in a person's pocket, and that with about 10 hours of work.

That is JUST ONE area of personal property...and forget about corporate chattel...where those kind of transactions happen every day of the week.

OK. Now for a little TRUE LIFE story...

I was sitting around the camp fire recently at a local camp ground and listening to this guy tell how he "discovered" a great ROI (return on investment)...turns out his interest bearing checking account was giving him, and he swore this was true...a whopping .0044 % per annum. Or about 44 cents per hundred dollars...

SO, he went shopping and found some REALLY GOOD deals from banks, he found he could get almost 5% from one of them, if he tied his money up in a CD...BUT, then he found a LENDER, I believe it was Beneficial Finance, but I'll have to check on this...

That would pay him the incredible ROI of 8%...HE WAS ECSTATIC! The only problem was, it was NOT FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and if this company went belly up, he's out his money...and I pointed out that there hasn't been a Savings and Loan or Predatory Lender go out of business in the last, uh, 24 hours.

Anyhow, he tells us he just transferred 10 grand to that account. Then he told us how he "secretly" (that means without his wife knowing about it) bought a few ounces of GOLD...YIKES he's gonna make a killing...then I peed on his parade.

This is the part you might actually learn something

I pointed out that if he sold the RV he had bought for the summer, he paid 10,000 for it after shopping and researching for a month...for 11,000, which was still a few thou under MARKET VALUE...

That his 10 grand investment in CAMPING AND HAVING FUN, would return more money to his pocket than his 8% deposit in the lending company...

AND he was shocked.

Millard, and others, there is a never ending stream of Chattel being bought and sold all over the world. This is the "general" ROI that you can expect IF you really get into it:
For every 1000 dollars you put in "Circulation", you SHOULD expect a 20% ROI, that is, 200 dollars NET profit for every piece of chattel you buy at for 1000.00
So, if you had to do it on a day to day basis, then you'd have to buy something for about 500 dollars and sell it for about 650 and VIOLA you've got your 100 bux a day.

BUT, and this is a better way, I think, IF you were to BUY something for 2000 then you'd sell it for 2500 (very doable) and that would give you 400 bux for a single transaction with probably less than 5 hours invested into it.

Do ONE buy at 4,000.00 (similar to what I sent out in the HOTSHEET today) and your average ROI NET, would be 800 dollars if you were to sell it for 5200.00 dollars.

This 20% ROI has been consistent with buying and selling chattel during the last 25 years that I've been doing it, with every once in awhile doubling or tripling that ROI.

FIND one restaurant you are calling upon anyhow, and at the end of your presentation, whether they do your ads or not, simply ASK, do you have any restaurant equipment you would like to sell OR is there anything you WANT and are looking to buy?

Could be yes, no OR it could be, "Millard, we've got a Hobart Mixer we don't use anymore, we'd take 1200 bux for it. (http://foxsheets.statfoxsports.com/UserProfile/tabid/57/userId/22692/Default.aspx)" Then add 300 to that price and ask every restaurant you enter if they would be interested...ASK in a COLUMBO sort of a way as you are leaving, with or without your advertising order.

Do a few of those a week, and you'll wonder why anyone in their right mind would think of ONLY 100 dollar days.

CHATTEL is MY answer. But then, you already knew that.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I detail these things in The Beginner's Guide to Chatteling

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