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June 14, 2018, 01:53 PM

Let's say someone badly burnt by these losers now comes across your copy for one of your solutions.

What's he likely to say to himself?

"Yeah. That's what they all say. They'll say anything to win your trust. They are all the same"

And so he misses a genuine opportunity... because of the actions of a few con-artists.

What if we could rewind time and instead of seeing the MOBE guys, he sees you first?

How different will the storyline be?

I don't know anyone burned in this scheme but I do know that schemes like these create problems for all of us.

Stories like these are quickly picked up by the mass media as further "proof" that ALL business opportunity solutions are patently fraudulent

Which is simply not true

I believe legit business people are in the majority.

They just don't do enough PR.

I do fight against absolutes, they are like calling me into the street for a gun fight at high noon, however, I'm about to let one fly.

EVERYBODY, by the time they are young adults have discovered the flaw of people and have been burnt. Maybe not financially, but their trust has been dented.

By adulthood, they have encountered the idea, if not exact, in principle of DUE DILIGENCE.

reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something. All the definitions in all the dictionaries place the RESPONSIBILITY on the buyer.

I'd really like to know, exactly what was said in the original promotion a person came across (including where and when) and what triggered their "jump in" action?

I can only guess, the SOP of: easy money: simple, easy, follow the system, do what I did, get my results BS of many Make Money claims.

So first question, where do people encounter the promotion? Best guess sez maybe Search Engine. Only a guess, but a state of mind, either desperation and frustration may accompany the search.

Then they come across MOBE, maybe via a guy named John Chow:

If this site stays around for awhile, doubtful, it is a good example. There are many others, all disappearing like honey bees at a Monsanto, er, Bayer pic-nic.

So someone searching for making money from home, sees John Chow on page one with his How I made $26,999.51 last month RIGHT below the ads. HIGH SEO.

Then look at all those goodies you get from good ol John, just for joining under his affiliate. What a guy.
At what point does the person ask, who is Matt Lloyd (McFee) and how is this business structured, and who is John Chow? That BEGINS the due diligence.

WHAT exactly are they offering?

I have to say it is pretty typical in the SCAM world, and not at all related to legitimate business opportunity offers, which include franchises, distributorships, routes, areas, specialized knowledge, training, and perhaps first hand experience which comes from doing.

Tell me where it is that people believe all business offers are fraudulent? The answer, NO WHERE.

This part one. RESPONSIBILITY. NO one held a gun to anyone, no body had to invest in this SCHEME, and if they did, then what I assert is, they may have got what was coming to them. But I get the point about the snake oil guys, which I'll address in my solution to the problem.

Knowing there are people in the world who are going to take your money, your things from you is known on the playgrounds of the world, when the bully takes your lunch money. There comes a time, if you seek out the guy and offer to give him your lunch money because he promised you steak and lobster and not some spaghetti which looks like it has already been eaten, and you get not even that...well?

So first part is education, and again, impossible to be bullet proof for a lifetime.


PS. Doing some DUE DILIGENCE, might have taken one to a site, one of many, like this one:

Which gives a pretty detailed reason WHY NOT to get involved, posted in Dec. 2015. Long before today's trouble began.

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