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July 16, 2018, 04:17 PM
Thanks Ron, we have an advantage, I think, because at some point we either overcame any fears, if we had them (I didn't, because of Spiders, Snakes and Mice, so it was a game to me)...and LEARNED
business of SELLING.

From a simple take it or leave it, to the use of magic words, persuasion, influence, manipulation and oft times back to TAKE IT OR LEAVE it selling.

Like you, I don't sell ads. That re-framing in and of itself should be a lesson, yet so many continue on with their GRIND.

IF a salesperson stands in the owner's shoes for a day, and sees that PARADE of "parasites" (as they often come to think of them) of people trying to take their money for everything from CC processing, SEO, web sites, blah, yada, blah...

They will quickly come up with an alternative approach. This may just be us, but so far, a disarming with a FREE, "can't sell you anything if I wanted to", often at least gets you through their outer walls of sales defenses.

I don't have a clue what you do Ron, but I do see scores of salespeople still out there calling on business owners, and with, what in my opinion is a horrible waste of time for the return on their sales efforts.

Take that 9 x 12 crowd, those selling giant postcards, which has evolved over the years, but I said 3 years ago, SPEED beats numbers of ads, and so many people were after 12 to 18 ads, it took forever and a day to get one done.

We found 4 to 6 to be the sweet spot, OR 6 to 8 on a HOSTED CARD (with half being host referrals).

A smaller card, fewer ads (promotions), fewer mailed, TARGETED ZIP XONE mailings, and better results. If they have a crummy offer, they don't get on, such as offering a One Day TRIAL for a gym/martial arts/fitness center, that is a ridiculous offer, and so of course that person won't renew.

Back in the day, another RIDick u LOS thing was telling people on the phone they could get a 5% RESPONSE rate, which means the pizza show could expect up to 500 redemptions on a mailing of 10,000. HA!

The truth is, I have NO idea how many, which is why you must have a good offer to test and KNOW WHAT YOU WANT from the exposure.

Anyhow, this same idea, a thinking of what if...

I made it smaller (bigger), sent out fewer, had fewer, completed it faster...

these are the kinds of questions the majority won't think about, which is great for those that sell the programs.

I wonder how many people have ponied up another 99 to 299 to get the latest and greatest; all you got to do is sit home and send emails, meditate or tap into the LAW of Attraction and watch those businesses buy ads on your postcards, because you are so clever???


The thing about Don Alm's programs, he told you enough, that if one had any gumption or drive at all, a person could get out there and test it (I have to believe that cost Don some sales?) but it was doable.

Make a mock up,
offer, give them the old razzle dazzle, or
a shrug of the shoulder,

and say, if not you...


your competitor then. BYE.


I've gotten 2 realtors to agree to be hosts but haven't had any luck when we call their potential co-sponsors so I took my sample today and went to 20 businesses and am finding it hard to reach decision makers. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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