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Dien Rice
June 24, 2018, 11:32 AM
[The forum had a glitch... This is a restored post from GordonJ...]

Would you simply pass out flyers to small businesses if would make you 700 bux a week. 25 a day, for 3 days, Tue., Wed., Thur.? No selling, just walk in and leave a flyer?

With questions and answers, probably about 20 hours a week, or 35 bux an hour. How many would be interested? If you'd rather not post, let me know by email, won't try to sell you anything, just testing out a flyer and seeing if it can be used anywhere, and since I can't be everywhere, I would need others to be somewhere else for me.


Three six hour days a week for about 700 bux. Anyone?


PS. OH, USA only.

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