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June 28, 2018, 04:22 PM
Dien and I are working on separate projects with million dollar payoff potential.

In between the bread and butter on the table and roof over head daily mundane tasks we do...we are working on our POTENTIAL.

I get a little miffed with people, especially so many at the Warrior Forum, who have such petty little survival thoughts. How to make 100 bux a day? How to build a recurring incoming? But I hardly ever see anyone talking about their million dollar dream, oh sure, a few do, but when you ask about the ACTION they are taking toward that dream, it gets pretty quiet.

I had a talk today with a guy who has a million dollar idea. But, whether or not it comes to that, is going to depend on his well thought and EXECUTED plan of action. In the meantime, he has to keep spending his 30 hours a week for his PAYCHECK.

That 30 hours is self employment doing something he knows how to do and can get done in 6 hours a day, which leaves him about 4 for his BIG PLAN.

If he worked a regular job, where he spent 8 hours working and 2 hours a day getting ready and commuting to and from, he would not have the time to pursue anything.

Could he scale up what he is doing for his "paycheck" to make a million bux?

NO! Never. Like so many of us, our paychecks, even when we are Entrepreneurs with good cash flow businesses, always need tending too, taken care of and looked after.

Vast majority won't get their million bucks from WORKING, but a few will, under 2% who build successful businesses.

But that is irrelevant to my point, POTENTIAL. Say I'm cleaning headlights, and 3 days a week covers my income needs, to live. How could I scale that up? With a ton of imagination and work, MAYBE, develop a franchise, and sell it, but that may take a decade or more.

Cleaning headlights has LIMITED potential. As does most of our work day.

What is exciting is to have some BIG POTENTIAL time in your day to work on your million dollar idea.

What is the POTENTIAL of your day, and is there time in what you are doing to be working on a bigger dream, goal or desire?


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