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June 30, 2018, 01:05 PM
Something I rarely do, link to a post at the WF, but this one needs read:


Marketer Shawn LeBrun has given a mini-class in marketing, and it contains some very important info, which, if you so choose, could make you a very happy person.

THE most important part is:

" built-in repeat biz potential". OK, now for a little SowPub twist to this.

In NECTAR OF THE MASTERS, I wrote about several of my mentors as well as people of influence. A quick overview:

In 1996 I was tasked with a writing assignment which took several months to complete. I was asked to go back 20 years to 1976 and report on the businesses and their founders who were still at it. Those which enjoyed 20 years of success.

I actually talked to scores of successful people, asked them all the same and similar questions, but the main question I asked was this:

"Knowing what you know today, and having to start over from scratch, what would you do?"

Vast majority would start with the same thing, only they would cut down the time it took to get back to where they are today. They KNEW what the essence of their businesses were and what was required.

Let me point out a couple who are relevant to this post and Shawn's at the WF. OH, but let me not forget, in 2007, I re-contacted many of these people to see what effect or impact the INTERNET had on their businesses and then asked them the same question. Almost all had the same answer, only difference was the INTERNET would make things faster for them.

So, Publisher Melvin Powers told me he would start all over, from scratch with a single BOOK on Self-Improvement.

Here is a link to his publishing legacy http://www.mpowers.com/aboutmelvin.html

See all those self-help books?

Then Jim Staw told me about his "peanuts on a bar" theory, they put peanuts on the bar because you just can't eat one. You eat them by the handful. And they make you thirsty, so you drink up.

His reports, books and products served a market, not unlike Melvin's, but a little more geared to self improvement via making money.

I once had scores of books on golf, some very old, arcane and little known books (two of the best books ever on golf are almost totally unknown).

I also had thousands of dollars of books, courses and things about mail order, home based businesses, and WRITING for money. WRITER'S DIGEST had my number, literally, and sent me books every month.

This is the point of the WF post, PURPOSEFULLY create products people have a thirst for, and you create ongoing income streams.

OR, the SowPub twist might be to create a CONSUMABLE product, and have them reorder or auto order for long term results. We can clearly see this in Harvey Brody's ZOOM SPOUT OILER, and his (estimated) 100 million units sold have done him well over the last half a century.

Jim Straw had a newsletter. As does Dien Rice, INFORMATION is consumable. Look at all the Market Pundits, like my old schoolmate Dennis Gartman, who writes THE GARTMAN LETTER,

And is a regular on CNBC. He specializes in commodities. He gets several hundred dollars a year for his consumable newsletter and in that market, a very modest cost one at that.

There are stock market newsletters you could subscribe to for thousands of dollars a year. See?

Shawn made that point in his post.

Now, I want to expand on the idea and tell you HOW you can do it. OK?

He says in his post; In all honesty, studying human nature has made me the most money.

Or, sell what people want to buy. And several follow up posters pointed out this is Marketing 101, or Economics 101. But they are wrong. It isn't.

Maybe should be, but in the real world very FEW businesses put that kind of thought into either starting or acquiring a business, and darn few employees or wage slaves ever consider it.

HUMAN BEHAVIOR. The WHY? And what they want?

About 25 years ago I developed the MODIFIED MASLOW PYRAMID, which is a modification of this:

And that after 25 years of study in psychology, motivation, salesmanship, hypnosis, all things human behavior.

I am astounded by how difficult people make it to find a niche to fish in, when every would be marketer is in his/her own little boat on their own little Golden Pond of opportunity.

It is NOT a coincidence that the five areas on the Maslow Pyramid correspond to the lanes on the SQ1 highway or the 5 rings in the SQ1 circus.

I think those people who were dismissive of Shawn's post with their "good old" this or that comments are simply posting for their Sig files to be seen. Some of those guys live off their Warrior income, fair enough.

I seldom have a sig file there, they are not my TARGET market, and so I have very few Warriors on my lists, I just don't want them as customers.

More power to you, if you do.

But it is interesting when someone like Shawn posts something like this, and rather than just being a sig file whore, it gets taken for what it really is.

GREAT INFORMATION for those who get it, understand it, and more importantly APPLY IT.

I encourage you to read it, then ask questions. Where do you go every day online? What "collections" do you have in your library, home, office? What niches, groups and lists do you belong too or are on?

GET THIS; "knowing human nature can make you money", then you can be PURPOSEFUL in your set-up of your business.

Don't give a leap?


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