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July 13, 2018, 10:22 AM
Well, it is lucky Friday the 13th. I invested 2 bux in a MEGA MILLIONS ticket, and with my sure fire lucky rituals, this time tomorrow, I plan on having the 200 million cash.

But, just in case, for some unknown fluke, that doesn't happen, then consider this:

I have a new HOTSHEET. 3 BUX. But don't buy it, unless you might want to collaborate on the expanded version, a very good REPORT, and who knows what it becomes from there?

The HOTSHEET is. GJABIZ 7 Steps to Remote Persuasion (Selling)

There is no sales page, or download, let's keep it simple. I'm looking for collaborators, to turn the hotsheet into a report, and maybe more. All collaborators will share in profits.

Send me 3 bux via PayPal to gjabiz@ yahoo.com and I'll attach the HOTSHEET in a return email. Make sure you let me know which email addy to send it to, OK? Some people have their paypal accounts separate from their regular email addresses.

You see a lot of questions on the Hotsheet, for each of the 7 steps. I hope to elaborate on each of those, so we go from a brief paragraph to one page.

So, instead of a one page hotsheet, we have a 7 page mini report or white paper. Then, we turn each of those pages into two, and now we have a 14 page report. From there, it is up to you where we want to take it.

You may have expertise in one of the areas, and develop your own product and market that to the list of buyers (including the ones I already have).

Who knows? It could become 7 courses. YOU could build a course, create recurring income and it could be a great add on asset to your empire. Or maybe, you'll just make your 3 bux back and break even. Who knows?

Not even the shadow.

This experiment is an exercise in collaboration, a sort of a group mind map, or as some might think of it, a simple mastermind group (need at least one more to have a group), or the beginning of a network.

Lucky Friday the 13th. More than likely, because I'm using Astral Projection and traveling in the DeLorean of my mind, into the future, to get the winning lottery numbers, so yuuuge chance this won't be of much interest to me tomorrow,

So, send your 3 bux now, and get the simple little hotsheet; GJABIZ 7 Steps to Remote Persuasion (Selling)

And see if you would like to collaborate on creating the report and we'll see where it goes from there, fair enough?

7 Steps to Remote Persuasion (Selling), hot off the presses.



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