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July 18, 2018, 11:06 AM
In the song, Alice's Restaurant, Arlo Guthries anti-war anthem, he tells the story of the Thanksgiving Day Massacre at Alice's Restaurant.

The gist is, the Army, may not think he is worthy, because of a littering charge on his record.

Anyhow, at the end, he wants to start a movement, having scores of people jumping up and down on the desks.

So, even with ad blockers on, it is what it is all about, CLICKS and showing ads.

My desk jumping (talked about this before)...just because I look at a plastic shed ONE time, not being interested in buying one, just needed some MFGR info, I am now followed around the Internet with ads popping up EVERYWHERE I go, offering me a plastic shed for sale.

I'm doing what I did a few years back with baby stuff, when big DATA thought I was a 17 year old girl pregnant with twins.

It is just a few minutes a day, but oh so fun. I click on the ads. Fill up the cart with what they offer, then close the tab. I ABANDON the cart, as often as I can.

It is me jumping up and down on the desk.

So, like Arlo wondered, if one other person started clicking on the ads, and filling up carts and abandoned them, would that be two nut jobs, or if 3 people, maybe a movement.

A movement. Yea. Imagine thousands of people a day clicking on ads (costing the advertisers money), filling up shopping carts and leaving them sit in the aisles. Could you see a Walmart full of abandoned shopping carts, ice cream melting in the aisles?

What would happen if a million people clicked on an ad...like maybe for something like the DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB, they seem to be on my case right now...why? I guess I clicked an ad or searched for razors. Whatever.

So what if a million people clicked on their Facebook ad, filled up a cart and let it sit. What would that do to their cost per click?

We are nothing but data, clicks, eyeballs. It at times feels like a war of attention and being bombed with ads.

Well I was just wondering, probably just continue to IGNORE them, consider it the cost of being online today, and appreciate those great deals when they come around (had one about 5 years ago? Maybe?).


PS. You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant (excepting Alice).

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