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July 21, 2018, 04:04 PM
Big Pie. 8 pieces. MULTI billion dollar industries, with hundreds of niches.

Poof, it's mageek, magik, or mageeeec.


The big 8. Here is an overview look at them.

MEDIA. Big guys: Media income in BILLIONS: Alaphabet (Google); 59B. Disney; 22B, Comcast 20B, 21st Century Fox; 18B. According to this Business Insider article, the top 30 account for 250 Billion in media revenue, and these figures a couple of years old.

Then there is THIS guy, who teaches people how to start their own one man media companies:

There is a current offer at Warrior Forum on starting you own digital agency.

And LOGAN Paul, one of the kings of Youtube Media.

Media covers a lot of area, including some of these other pieces of the pie, but altogether they add up to Trillions of dollars, some of it available to you, if you find your niche in one of them.

The thing that makes MEDIA so big, and which is what it is all about, is

It is an industry UNDER SIEGE according to this
https://econ.st/2LDKhDt The Economist Article.

Or another way to look at it, good for us small guys. Some say the "Mad Men" ways are archaic in today's online world.

It is not uncommon to find mid 6 figure ONE MAN BANDS, ala the Tai Lopez model in digital advertising. One reason, I think, is most businesses are clueless. Smallest business owners may be downright stupid, not sure.

But ADVERTISING is running the world right now, and that again spells opportunity. Now, it may be hard to separate media from advertising, they go hand in hand, but if you look at the TALENT in many areas, you'll find every thing from small momma and poppa VIDEO STUDIOS, which help make ads, commercials, to talent agencies, to WRITERS for the ads...

So, there is an infrastructure, which some of you are already a part of. Web hosting, and web creation, maintenance, security, etc. Still plenty of need for programmers, coders, creatives, all of which can be outsourced.

Let me say, I look at the giants through a David's eye, how can I downsize?, what could I do that the 800 pound gorilla can't? (mostly SPEED), BUT when you examine opportunity as we have been doing here at SowPub for the last 19 years, we look for the low cost, shoe string start-ups which could grow huge. If that is what you want to do.

But the fact that many little one man Media/Advertising companies are producing a million a year in income, well, maybe you want to take another look, through a different prism and see if there is a fractal available to you. I bet there is.

GAMING. Games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite are now a 140B a year industry.
Casions (also in the Gaming marketplace) add about half a TRILLION to the take.
Gaming as in sports betting, bingo, monopoly, poker, pokemon, etc. add many more billions...and that is the legal stuff, the local bookies, or football sheets you get at the VFW, Eagles clubs, who knows how much it is.

Point: Gaming is big. Create a new game for PlayStation, bingo, you hit the motherlode. Publishing a little gaming hotsheet, may be better than working a full time job.

And we ain't even half of the pie.

ENTERTAINMENT. Who knows what it is? Some combine this into the Gaming, and the Media markets. The West is especially time heavy on Entertainment, from the Billions being spent by Netflix for new content, to MoviePass, to concerts and performers. We love us some Entertainment, and if out front, you make millions ala Taylor Swift, LeBron James, George Clooney.

But the behind the scenes folks do OK too, from producers, directors, show runners, and TRADESPEOPLE, like costumers, stage managers, etc.

The one man types? We've had several MAGICIANS here, and many of you have either made a full time living or healthy part time earnings from your talents.

Even I look to the ENTERTAINMENT trades for my scripts, TV pilots and of course my auditions on America's Got Talent (turns out, you actually have to have some to get on, who knew?).

ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Think Shark Tank, Lion's Den, Venture Capitalists, angel investors, inventor's friends.

Owning your own business is still the great American dream, and millions are still looking to become successful and INDEPENDENT Entrepreneurs. That is what this post is mainly about.

Take a look at these Big 8 pieces of the pie to see where you might fit in, whether you are 20 just getting started, or turned 65 and taking your social security and looking to be the next Col. Sanders of KFC fame.

So much opportunity today, and you'll see in each piece of this pie, smaller bites, still in multi-million dollar niches, there is opportunity in every nook and cranny in this pie.

EDUCATION. From college educations which are putting generations into deep debt, to the local community college, to online schools. This may be your ticket to your future, some of you are already great teachers.

We love to learn stuff, from the wire jewelry class at the library all the way to the Tai Lopez, Dan Lok, Frank Kern model of guru-itis. One man bands, selling the right education can quickly exceed the highest salaries in the best industries.

EMPLOYMENT. Jobs are always going to be in demand. Help people find jobs, you have hit a vein of gold which could put you in a place you never have to have another job in your life. From huge agencies to resume services ( I used to make 1k a day in my resume business). If you can help others find jobs, you'll be in demand.

CONSUMABLES. From the oil inside a Zoom-Spout Oiler to Little Debbie cakes, find and market a consumable and you may have your hands full.

Just this morning I learned about Insomnia cookies and Krispy Kreme:

From the article: Seth Berkowitz will remain in charge of Insomnia after the close of the sale later this year.

Berkowitz founded Insomnia Cookies in 2003 when he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Imagine a student, now selling his start-up company to a big company.

The power of consumables. Of course we need not tell Harvey Brody (Mr. Zoom-Spout) or Seth Berkowitz, nor the ficticous little Debbie. Or the very real Famous Amos about consumables.


I am actually finishing up a report, a JV, with a researcher into these Big Eight opportunities. My take, of course, is how we, the small guys, can cash in either directly, or remotely, or in the ideal way, via ABSENTEE control of something, and I'm seeking some questions, or answers, or any input you might have into any of these HUGE Industries.

If you have any info, or an opportunity in any of these, let me know and we'll include it in the report, although right now, it looks like we may have too much info, so maybe breaking them down into separate reports.

Any thoughts or ideas? If you had to rank them 1 to 8, which would be your top 2 areas to consider getting into?


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