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July 23, 2018, 09:17 AM
One guy has a CONCEPT of putting a dollar amount on your hour. His name is Sam Ovens, of Consulting.com. His chart goes from -100, to 100,000 dollars per hour.

It is interesting to see your time on a spreadsheet and where you FOCUSED your time, and so many people down in the very low dollars per hour.

You can find his Facebook group or visit his website for more info. He has a free spreadsheet you can download to figure out your hour's value.

I really like the thousand dollar an hour column on his spreadsheet. And of course, the 100,000 dollar an hour one is full of insight.

TIME. What is it worth to you?

Then there is the NEO-TECH thinkers, people who think you have the responsibility for your life, with CREATION being the highest form of human achievement.

Sam Ovens talks about NOT doing email, NOT answering phones, NOT visiting forums, or partaking of social media. They can be Zero dollar an hour or even worse, MINUS dollars per hour time wasters.

One of my current JV's is in creating a time scorecard. Since Tiger's run at the Claret Jug this past weekend has revitalized Golf, why not borrow from my old love...

I used to make Personal Score cards in my golf shop, so my students could track their progress.

The latest is a take-off and combo of keeping score of your hours.

Sort of like a Day Planner with HOURS (and 15 minute increments) which you can just check off.

Mine has only 5 DOLLAR PER HOUR on it.
-100 Similar to Sam Ovens

Each of these have a letter value,

-100 Y
0 Z
10 A
100 B
1000 C

Each hour gets one of the letters, up to four times per hour.

NOW, the convergence. NEO-Tech practitioners take responsibility for their time and happiness, and that is achieved via creation.

It is interesting to see how much time is wasted on things which really don't move one toward their better life goals.

What is your time worth?

$1,000.00 an hour? Sounds like a worthy goal, or starting point.


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