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July 27, 2018, 01:44 PM
Many people are familiar with James Allen and his work, AS A MAN THINKETH, but he wrote a lot of stuff. I have a copy of THE WAY OF PEACE, a book on Meditation. Interesting thing about the "book", an 8.5 X 11" 38 page book with a cover, a glued spine. NO copyright. In fact, no publisher.

If you know how to read the CPSIA info, you can find out where and when it was published. Anyhow...

It his work on meditation.

So, here is a story in the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

About the new age of anxiety, and in the article is a blurb about Tal Rabinowitz, a former NBC staffer, who left the industry and opened a place to meditate.

It looks like she has a hit.

Here are a few articles, not much needed, some space, could probably get started in a church basement or empty storefront.


The above link on how to start a meditation biz with LLC,

Another story on UNPLUG:

Then, the FRANCHISE:

Heck, you could use the public domain The Way of Peace as a course.

With anxiety on the rise, unlike ever before (what could it be??)...maybe you peaceful souls might want to help others to destress and why not cash in while doing it?

Cheaper than a trip to BALI, (although mine might have a Bali theme, if Dien will send me a few grains of sand, ha!)

Take a deep breath, and relax.


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