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July 31, 2018, 01:39 PM
Opportunity knocks, but am I home?

The sorrowful state of an overloaded mind, but, such is our lives, for many of us.

Trying to do too many things, I'm as guilty as the next guy.

I do have priorities, and work is done in an order of importance, top of list is prep for our Hollywood trek to pitch the TV show, and maybe a couple of movie/limited series shows. Lots of hard work in this direction.

But beneath that, is a decades old idea, and a chance to bring it to fruition, and probably can do both, but Hollywood is a for sure, this one, a SQ1 idea, not certain, and posting as much to see my own thinking as anything.

It begins with SPACE, and location. There are several in the area, these two are at the top of the list:



These are only two blocks apart, both about the same size, basically a big room. The first one has two rooms and is closer to downtown, actually is downtown.

I am debating opening up, finally, my SQ1 Prototype. What would it be?

A library. Unusual collections. Business mixed with self-improvement.
A training center. Tables and chairs. Wi-Fi.
Meeting place.
Multi-purpose center.
A mini-co-op workspace.

So I lease a space. Put in some books, chairs, tables, Wi-Fi router. And open for business.

Let me share a few of the OLD concepts, nothing new here, just haven't given it any attention for a long time.

I like the 2 room space, has a shared lobby and bathroom. Just two rooms.

The back room would be used for ON DEMAND training.

One scenario, person needs to learn MS EXCEL, at least a working knowledge, a beginner's course. If the company is paying for it, or they buy the training themselves; a major problem is getting it when needed. A company can pay a high premium to have someone come on-site and train, but they usually will send people to the University or local training center, when it is scheduled.

Not good for when you need it now.

I can offer that training cheaper, and on demand, for just one person if need be. This is due to a glut of educated trainers, who don't have enough work and are available to teach on short notice.

So that is ONE of the profit centers of the SQ1 locations. I would also have Saturday morning WORKSHOPS, could do two at the same tme, these low cost, few attendees can generate a couple of hundred bux a week profit, probably more than enough to cover the cost of the lease/utilities.

I'm thinking of a private library memberships. Not sure yet. Although I've sold off almost my complete library it would not be hard, albeit more than I would have liked to get the good stuff back and working.

Now, how do I get customers?

I would run ads. I would do an EDDM mailing to the zip code.

Well, anyhow, I'm thinking of running a contest. It hasn't worked very well in the past, but I have given away a few nice prizes, like a new kindle fire.

But, undaunted, I'll try again.

Will give away something. To those who participate, the more, the bigger the prize. One guy---probably gets my used fidget spinner.

So, what types of classes or workshops do you think you would pay for if they were available locally?

These are just some topic stimulators:

How to start a semi-absentee owned business.
How to blog.
How to find gold from other's trash.

Which software would you like to learn?

How to write a TV script.

How about this, what have you paid for, ONline or off, in the way of training, education, self-improvement, books, courses, classes, etc.?

What have you bought online and watched a video at youtube about?

I'm trying to assess a starting point, where I might attract the largest numbers of repeat users of the center, and maybe with enough feed back, I'll make a decision.



PS Both these and several other locations are occupied ready, so, it could be open for business the first month. And with tons of vacancies in everywhere USA, I would think this basic big room layout could be adapted to anyone who would want to open up a SQ1 center, for a minimum investment.

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