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View Full Version : Roy Garn and his book, THE MAGIC POWER OF EMOTIONAL APPEAL.

August 6, 2018, 11:53 AM
I had this book in 1964, in fact, it became one of my most read treasures, even taking it with me to the Navy and referring to it for decades. I also had several copies of the paperback with yellow highlighting on every page.

It is a solid foundation if you are at all interested in "swaying opinion in any situation" as the sub-title suggests.

I am working on an update, and there are a couple of SowPubbers who are also devotees of Garn's work, one guy even has his own updates. Good stuff.

I think of it as a foundation, and I want to add the walls, and infrastructure from the many sources of study since those early days, albeit some odd ball and off the beaten path sources at that.

EMOTIONAL APPEAL. It is one of the most POWERFUL tools you can use. From selling your stuff to getting elected President, we make decisions based on our emotional feelings, and give logic and common sense a back seat.

Garn details The FATAL FOUR in his book. I'm inclined to add a few to that, or actually split his original four into some sub topics.

Some of the oldest ideas I discussed in the early days of the Internet, are coming back around, things like the Fatal Four, RASCON, Neo-tech, Telecult power, just to name a few.

I'm using the Garn book, (adjusted with my notes), to create our Hollywood Pitch for this fall.

We want to "sway someone's opinion", and use every tool in the tool shed to make it work.

Good book, still worth having...but my update, will be even better. Get on that list now, thinking of selling it (a PDF) for about $497.00. Yea, too cheap, I know, but I do have a heart.


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