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Dien Rice
August 11, 2018, 12:44 AM
Where else can you get a submarine sports car? That is, a sports car - that is also a submarine?

Here it is! However, it will set you back a cool $2 million...

(Click on the picture to order!)

https://digital.hammacher.com/Items/12531/12531_1000x1000.jpg (https://www.hammacher.com/product/submarine-sports-car)

You can find it in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog!

I found an awesome article on Hammacher Schlemmer...

They are still succeeding today, even in the age of Amazon! They mail out 50 million catalogs a year...

They have some interesting strategies...

One is to have "unexpected" items. They don't expect to sell a lot of them (or even any of them). However, it does get people to thumb through their catalogs... Like the $2 million dollar submarine sports car, for example.

It gets you "in the door", so to speak...

Another strategy they use is they never mention brand names. They only describe the item.

This works well in the age of Amazon, because otherwise people will just look up the item online, and try to get it cheaper.

They test everything, so the Hammacher Schlemmer brand itself is the guarantee of quality - not the brand of the product itself.

Overall, it's fascinating. Yeah, I love Hammacher Schlemmer (and similar catalogs)... I hope they live forever. :)

The World’s Most Peculiar Company

Hammacher Schlemmer website

Best wishes!


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