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August 16, 2018, 11:10 AM
46,605 copywriters at Upwork.

YIKES. Read this:


I copied and pasted this response I just made to Marcia Yudkin at the Warrior Forum, it contains a step by step to see what I am talking about.

I was astonished to see that 46,695 number two days ago, now add 60 to it.

And after looking at scores of people I wouldn't hire, one guy stood out.

He, from the filtered down to 440 copywriters who had actually earned more than 10k at Upwork with their gigs.

Gigs are great, for short term income, and to build off of. OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL, beats gigs by a mile, anyhow, here is how to find those 46,755 so-called COPYWRITERS.

Originally Posted by marciayudkin View Post

Gordon, could you say more? Were you looking for something specialized?

Or did it seem everyone was touting the same brand of expertise?

Or what?

Marcia Yudkin
Thanks Marcia, great questions. Let me give some brief (hard for me) details.

Upwork was just one of the freelance sites we visited for my research into this so-called GIG ECONOMY, which is the focus of my research, and although I've done pretty, pretty, pretty dang well with some of the gigs I've had, my opinion is...there is a better way.

And YOU, know what that is with your books, courses and Intellectual Property which is working for you when you are doing a consulting gig.

Anyhow, here is what I did. Started with Google. Searched for Upwork. #1 result was their ad. I hit the BROWSE FREELANCE TALENT link.

Which took me to Top Upwork Freelancers. I then hit the FILTERS and left everything at the default and in lower left corner hit the link:
See All Catagories

Then the Writing and then the Copywriting, and today, I see 46,755 apparently added 60 in the last two days.

I tell all this so someone who is unfamilar with Uplance has a step by step process to see what I am talking about so we can work from the same page.

So, then I start browsing.Oh my. How do I find someone? Well, for me, hourly rate means nothing. Except, for research, I want to find the HIGHEST HOURLY rate I can find (500 an hour in first 10 pages).

At this point, I see a whole bunch of 35 to 95 an hour copywriters, an avg of about 55 dollars per hour.

And I see page after page of I'm here, I am, Trained by, If you want, and in this first 10 pages without filters, I don't see a single compelling PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTER.

As a shopper, OF COURSE I want blah, blah, blah. What can you do for ME? I don't care who trained you, YES, I expect error free writing (that's a sales point??)...and yada, yada, yada.

Where is the sizzlemanship, I'm shopping for something, and these people are sitting on the shelf begging me, "pick me, pick me, not the other one". I want the girl at the end of the isle selling a potato peeler convincing me it is the greatest must have tool ever invented. No one grabbed me by the throat, got NOR held my attention.

So, I thought maybe filter by higher priced, or most earned.

The filters I selected were 10k+ earned, and an hourly rate of 60 and above, their highest.

I got 440 results. Good, I thought, getting into REAL COPYWRITER territory.

Still NO sizzle. So, I looked for those who had earned the most.Some guy from Omaha had over $200,000.00 earned, and he charged 500 dollars per hour.

He JUMPED OFF THE PAGE to me. He actually has a "headline" not the I can, I will, If you want, etc. etc.


Doesn't that tell me more than all the I will, I can, "me, me, me" pitiful presentations?

It speaks directly to my reason for coming to Upwork, but it took too much digging, so, my point is, if you hang out a shingle which says you are a copywriter, then I expect you to use your skills to hook me as a client, because if you can't catch me, ready, willing and able to pay you...

how you gonna help me catch the prospects I'm after??

I actually use you as one of the examples of a Copywriter who has created an Information Empire. I don't think anyone has more books on the shelves (real books published by publishers) than you do.

You have a very clear voice, well targeted customers and a sterling reputation.

I went shopping. If Upwork is the TARGET, Freelancer the Amazon and Fiverr the Walmart of finding copywriting talent, I need to know where the ROBB Report is.

I just think copywriters should apply their skills they think they have, that's all.


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