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August 28, 2018, 01:41 PM
For a different taste:

First Cole Slaw. Grab a big can, or better yet, some fresh SAUERKRAUT. Drain it and squish all the water out of it, let it dry for a few minutes, or pat it off with paper towels.

Variation one: Hawaiian Slaw. Add pineapple and some Marzetti or off brand or store brand of slaw dressing. Goes great with ribs. Or to top off hot dogs,

Add a little stadium mustard to it, chop kraut fine. Can add some sweet relish, or for a more zesty adult taste, some chopped jalepeno, or even a little cayenne pepper.

Baked beans. Sprinkle on bread crumbs, add some doritos, crushed up and mixed in with bread crumbs, then either bake or heat on grill. You can add cheese, top with bacon, or try pepperoni on top.

Cheap Meats. For kids, nothing beats hot dogs. And adults too. But don't forget chicken wings, thighs and drumsticks, usually cheap in larger pounds. I make several variations, using disposable aluminum pans and some foil in between and one is a spicy mustard/honey coating, the other a mild bbq, Sweet Baby Ray's is good for the kids, if you don't mind the sugar.

Then a pan of lemon pepper, and some NOTHING but smoke on them. I cheat and boil in salt and pepper for a few minutes.

Potato salad. A good cheat are the packages, like potato mixes, a couple of boxes of scalloped mixes cooked the day before, cool overnight, and then add some whatever you want to it. A good cheat is a can of potatoes, some mustard, and some dill. Different from the normal potato salad.

SMORES. Don't foget the smores. Try chocolate grahams and use little Reese's pieces unwrapped in bags, put a couple of Reeses on it, add a marshmallow, watch everyone fall in love with smores all over again.

Let me know if you give any a try. If you have any cheats for the grill, be sure to let us all know too.


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