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September 6, 2018, 08:59 AM
One lady in Missouri was making leather belts for babies and toddlers, to sell in her Etsy store.

She was about to go out for the evening, and needed gold earrings, but didn't have any that matched her style.

She had bought some gold leather which she didn't know what to do with. On a whim, she made some leather earrings!

She wore the earrings, and got many compliments. They were also very light and comfortable to wear. She started selling them... And they took off!


To make a long story short, her business grew so fast that it's now on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing businesses!

You can read more about her story below...

And it all started with some hand-made leather earrings...

How This Mother of 5 Turned Scrap Leather Into One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in America

Best wishes!


Scrap leather = dead cows. NO say PETA, and Petyr Balish.

Scrap Naugahyde = cheaper and more humane jewelry.

Wonder about PLASTIC straws and bottles? Seems to be a movement against them, so why not wear them? Feel free to take this million dollar idea and run with it.


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