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December 9, 2018, 12:39 PM
Today I rec'd an email invite to a podcast about quitting your job in 2019 by doing local marketing.


True Story: A few years ago, I spoke with a guy who quit his job and went full time into local, the so-called 9 x 12 postcards biz...he did 5 cards, and then tried to get his job back and had to look for other work.

My point? I've never found that quitting a job based on someone's idea of a successful and EASY to operate business was a good idea.

I talked to over a dozen people who were involved and invested in that whole EDDM 9 x 12 marketing.

NONE of them are still doing it today, and no one is full time that I spoke with. Like most EASY-PEASY deals, the easy part is in the eyes of the beholder or in most cases, the seller of the system.

Don Alm was an old world type salesman, the type of guy who could sell ice to eskimos. For such a person, sales was fun, and easy, and the many advertising campaigns he created were easy, for him to do.

The 9 x 12 group still is grinding away, and for some it is easy money but for many, not so easy.

Same with almost everything. Even Internet Marketing. Or Blogging. Or doing a forum.

For the last 18 years we've hammered the idea of "mindset" into the forum, the idea that there is NOT a one size fits all solution out there, and that there isn't a simple pattern, nor an outline, blueprint or roadmap to YOUR success, you must create your own.

So, the PROMISES of next year have begun. Heck, I myself have talked about making 2019 your year. But the difference, I bring (or so I think) to the table is: find YOUR way to do it.

There are certain methods and techniques which work for certain types of products, businesses, and mone-making biz ops...

like with INFORMATION PRODUCTS, where you want to find BUYERS or a hungry/starving crowd for your information, maybe even before you write it.

But in the big picture of making 2019 either your best year ever, or the breakthrough year, or ANOTHER year of success...

it boils down to..

KNOW what you want,
DO the activities which take you there,


Lots of new opportunities in 2019, if you don't get distracted, and stay focused.


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